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    Favorite event!!

    my fav is floor because i am always consistant and when u are doing your routine you can forget about all your probems on other events or at school or home and u can just " break free" and have fun :):):):):) ha shadow gymnast we haev the same signature
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    Help, Girls only PLEASE!!!!

    i dont have any gk bras but i do have limited too bras and they work really well i like them a lot they are nice
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    I hate that too. What i would say to him is..."Well I want to see you train _ hours a week and doing these kinds of flips without hurting yourself. " Either that or just ignore it they dont understand they thinks it's stupid you don't so just remember they aren't the ones that (possibly) are...
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    level 7

    Well my advice is to ask your coach to do a clear hip (or a free hip whatever you call it) I am a level seven training level eight (i did 7 for two years)And i competed giants. I was the only one the first year the second year i was one of two that did.I dont think giants are that common so ask...
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    finish these sentences

    I am a gymnast I feel like flipping I dream that I can do anything I can conquer my fears I fear back Layout step outs on High beam I love the feeling of nailing a good routine I regret trying skills I am not prepared for I see myself related to gymnastics in 20 years I know that if I believe in...
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    Random facts about you

    I can move only one eye at a time I am obsessed with the Star Wars movies (Yoda is my gym icon and hero) My elbow snaps when I straighten it I love Math I suck at making decisions, but get mad when other people dont make them My room is always a mess I HATE Spiders The longest i have had a fish...
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    What is your floor music?

    My old floor music was I'm a Beliver and next year I'm going to have Ladies Choice from Hairspray.It's my fav movie :)
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    What kind of gymnast are you???!!

    Im 12 & 1/2 and working on going to lvl8.I tried last year but decided to go back to lvl7.I LOVE giants!And i like BHs except the 1st 1 it just makes me nervous.I suck at vault im working on fixing that. It's getting better now so thats good:).Im workin full &1/2s on floor thats the big 1 but...
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    getting hurt

    Yeah ice,rest,i spraned my wrist 2 weeks before camp and got to go so concentrate and if its not to bad of an injury you should be able to compete GGGOOOOOODDDD LLLUUUCCCKKK!!!:):):D:D
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    I Got My Full!!

    Yes good job i recentally lost my backhand springs i got them back and i had to swing my arms once before i went ,today i went to practice and did them with no swings so i know about accomplisment .it feels great.again good job and the best of luck with your back hands and your other skills:)...
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    Shawn Johnson - 2007 US National Champion

    Yeah I know I'm excited to I can't wait to see Shawn. I love to watch her I wish her good luck and hope that she makes it to the olympics!
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    New Skill

    Yeah I LOVE twisting on floor it SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO it feels like you are flying but we really are so GOOD JOB !! :D:D :):) :p:p ;);) :cool::cool: Beetle711
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    Fear Of Beam

    Hey i have 1 mock meet before my compitition season starts and that just freaked me out and i lost my back handspring :eek: i didnt even warm them up and i did it in the routine :D and we have robin ruegg come up and judge us so she gave me a 9.0:Dso yeah you need to work pit beam and build up...
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    I'm a level 7 and i had trouble with my giants last year(im repeting )but they do like to see 2 giants because im getting better scores this year than i did last so i found that using a strap bar or just keep practicing them good luck and keep me posted Beetle711
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