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    For Parents Any suggestions for full turn on the beam?

    Dd has been struggling with her full turn. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    For Parents Back extension roll

    How long is a girl supposed to hold the handstand in a back extension roll for the level 5 floor routine please?
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    For Parents Awards

    At dd first meet the host gym handed out medals to first through sixth place for each event and first through sixth place overall. Is this typical or will it be different at each meet?
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    For Parents meet scores

    my friend was telling me about wondering if you use it during your child's meets and how it is used. Thank you.
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    For Parents Scoring for a

    Pardon me if I am asking this incorrectly but I'm still new at this. As far as scoring daughter was recently at a meet where the awards were broken into two groups. One group was 6-7 year olds and the other group was 8-9 year olds. All of the age groups had their meet at the same...
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    For Parents sweaty hands and feet

    Happy New Year!!! my dd just had her first meet a few weeks ago and she told me her hands were so sweaty she felt like she could slip off the vault. she scored well but was upset by the wet hands. her feet were also sweaty and she felt like she could have fallen off the beam. her coaches told...
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    For Parents Age for States

    Hello!This will be our first states meet. Dd will turn 8 before the date of the state's meet. Will she compete as a 7 or 8 year old? Thank you for your responses.
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