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    Who is still paying their gym fees?

    Our gym is not requiring payment for April or May. They did ask if anyone could continue to pay they would welcoming it. We still have our jobs so we have continued to pay. Our other club sports for our kids has continued to charge.
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    For Parents Question about recovering from injury?

    I can give you my daughters experience. She broke her cuboid bone in her foot the day after our 3rd meet of the year a few years ago. She was put in a hard cast and non-weightbearing for 5 weeks. During that time, she went to gym and worked bars (no squat ons and no landing/dismounts) and did a...
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    Mental Block - straddle cast handstand on bars

    Does she have a fear of going over the top in a handstand? My dd had a couple teammates that saw her go over the top and break her foot in level 5. When they got to level 6/7 they were afraid to go to handstand for fear of going over and falling. My own DD was ok with it, but, these others were...
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    For Parents Replacing cheetah cups?

    We wash and hang dry ours once a week and it kind of helps, but they can still be horrid smelling. Not sure which is worse her cheetah's or my sons goalie gloves!
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    For Parents How should I tell coaches

    I would let them know as quickly as possible. Our gym has already started registering for meetings in the winter and you won't want to get stuck with registration fee's if you can help it. Our gym does have a policy for mandatory meets and valid reason's for missing. They also state in our...
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    For Parents Tiger Paws Question

    She doesn't use the plastic inserts.
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    For Parents Tiger Paws Question

    My daughter has been using them for almost a year now and hasn't had any issues. She doesn't use the inserts in them though. Are they too small? Another thing to check is if she is wearing them correctly. DD's friend had her's on the wrong wrists for a bit which caused some issues. If its just...
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    For Parents Changes and lack of communication

    5-7 Meets a year seem to be pretty standard, I think we have 7 plus our in house meet. At our gym, we don't get any feedback on our gymnast unless there is a major issue usually. Occasionally in passing a coach will say, how good something is looking or that she had a great practice. I pop in...
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    For Parents L6 beam requirements

    We had a girl do a round-off BT dismount last year and that met the requirement. She had a single back walkover in the middle of the routine.
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    For Parents Does it really matter what gym they go to at 5,6,7 years old

    I could be wrong, but, I don’t think you can compete level 3 until they are 6. That might be part of the reason why it appears she is being held back. Enjoy the low hours and the low pressure gym. You want her to continue to enjoy and progress!
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    For Parents Travelling to meets

    Last year was our first year of traveling more than 3 hours for a gymnastics meet, but, we were expecting it as Optional's at our gym does travel and it can be 20 hours away by car. What I learned from the experience was just how much the girls bonded and overall performed better at meets from...
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    For Parents new gym parent looking for advice one what to expect

    Just enjoy it and cheer your daughter on!!! I also have no background in gymnastics, so it makes it very easy for me to just enjoy (stress) what my daughter is doing! My daughter is JO7 but, started out at 6 in Xcel and the Xcel side is alot of fun and gives them the ability to do more than...
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    For Parents Level 5 Questions

    I actually said this to my daughter when she was a level 6 and she essentially said I was wrong! LOL! She said that level 6 there isn't as many elements in the routines to deduct points, which is why the scores are higher, but, overall, level 6 (especially with the changes last year for beam and...
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    For Parents Meets

    When my daughter competed the first time, we were hopeful, that this would be something she would decide really wasn't for her. Needless to say, she loved every minute and has continued with her love of the sport for several years. Its crazy watching her perform under pressure and come away with...
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    For Parents Sick over decision to do JO

    A lot of the decision is based on your daughter and your family priorities. You daughter at 1st grade should be able to 9 hours of gymnastics, plus school, and life. However, is that what you want to do? Only you can answer that question. For my daughter, she started out as Xcel bronze in...
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    For Parents Would you tell your kid? (meet scores and placement issues)

    My dd(11) Coach has told her the goal is to peak at state. If you have your highest scores early you have no were to go. Maybe explain to your daughter that she is working to improve each meet to do awesome at state.
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    For Parents Training hours for levels 6/7

    Our level 6/7 are at 14 hours a week, but, they are 14 jammed pack hours. I am not complaining as we compete well when we compete!! It also allows my daughter a quality of life as she has a couple week days off and is done earlier in the evening than when she was in compulsories.
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    For Parents Level 3 broke her radius and ulna doing double bhs in practice, need advice.

    My dd broke her foot in January part way through her level 5 season from an ackward landing off the bars. She was back in the gym the next practice working on conditioning skills and within a week was back working bars (no flyaway or squat on). She went to every meet and sat in the stands to...
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    For Parents Another type of sleep "issue"

    My kiddo does gymnastics in her sleep! I hate sharing a bed with her when we travel!! :) Even with the gymnastics she wakes up rested, so I don't worry about it!! Keep hoping she grows out of it!
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    For Parents Broken 5th Metatarsal question

    I wanted to add, our Dr had her take extra calcium and vitamin D. He says it helps with bone growth in kids. We had our dd take 1 viactive twice a day and now that we are released she will continue to take 1 a day.
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