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  1. Iwannabemargo


    If you are a fan of British humour, and of the Paralympics, may I humbly recommend you catch The Last Leg. Channel 4, More 4 twitter #TheLastLeg May not suit sensitive types as they are pretty full on. 7.30 BST, Channel 4 just before the Paralympics coverage
  2. Iwannabemargo

    Let me give you a hand .....

    saw this on FB, cats and gym, what's not to like ?
  3. Iwannabemargo

    Mens Finals

    Yesssssssssss, Go Maxie, and weren't the Brazillians great on floor ?
  4. Iwannabemargo

    Mens AA

    Final Rotation, 0.3 between 5 of them, can hardly watch - Go Maxie
  5. Iwannabemargo

    Mens AA

    Final Rotation, 0.3 between 5 of them, can hardly watch - Go Maxie
  6. Iwannabemargo

    Lets here it for the old guys !

    First Marian Drăgulescu yesterday and then Chuso has just rocked beam - "look mummy, its an old lady" came the cry from Pink
  7. Iwannabemargo

    Gymnastics schedule

    Courtesy of the BBC website, all times are BST (GMT +1) so adjust accordingly. Haven't found the BBC coverage schedule yet but will add it in when I do.
  8. Iwannabemargo

    Completely off topic - Caaaakkkkeeee

    So, I know most of you are all consumed by US trials, but just for those of us that can't be involved, and cause I can't seriously post this in healthy eating, or on my Facebook Page as I made these for a friends birthday and she will see them, this is what I have been doing today ! Hope she...
  9. Iwannabemargo

    RIP Mitch Fenner

    Have just heard that Mitch Fenner lost his battle with cancer. Mitch was a fabulous gymnast, coach and commentator on gymnastics and more recently was the driving force behind mens gymnastics in the Netherlands. His melodic voice will be synonymous with gymnastics commentary here in the UK as...
  10. Iwannabemargo


    Just watching the men on the telly, must say the Junior boys were fantastic.
  11. Iwannabemargo

    Get well soon Beth

    Beth Tweddle fractured her neck last night whilst training for a reality tv programme called "the Jump" She has had surgery to fuse two of the vertebrae in her neck and is currently recovering in hospital. pink and I met her at the British Championships several years ago before she retired and...
  12. Iwannabemargo

    RIP David Bowie

    Another legend leaves us, but not alone, hopefully he is singing with Freddie somewhere !
  13. Iwannabemargo

    A mighty Girl

    This a great article about a fabulous gymnast who has responded to some criticism with dignity and whit. I also love the Ministers response to the naysayers.
  14. Iwannabemargo

    European Games

    Anyone know if this is going to be screened on any free to air channels (I can get French and British). So far the only channel I have found covering it is BT Sport which is highly annoying. Thanks
  15. Iwannabemargo

    Exam Time

    Good luck to all with smalls doing SATS, GCSE's and AS/Alevels, its that time of year and I hope the stress levels arn't too high. I have one doing AS's and One doing SATS,but today I got paid to sit in the sunshine looking at the sea so its not all bad
  16. Iwannabemargo

    Sir Terry Pratchet

    Completely off topic, but rest in Peace Sir Terry. The man that had me in stitches since 1985 when a friend gave me a copy of The Colour of Magic and I laughed out load on the train. Lets hope DEATH let him ride Binkey to the pearly gates, I have a mental image of him running in, being chased...
  17. Iwannabemargo

    Just out of curiosity........

    This has been raised on one of the boards but I though as we have a pretty large membership I would ask the question on the open forum. I was told by a dermatologist that 75% of children with eczema have a birthmark on the nape of their neck, I checked and sure enough my scaly child does, but...
  18. Iwannabemargo


    I use this table in my kitchen - Oven Conversion Chart Degrees F Degrees C Gas Mark Description 225 110 ¼ Very Slow 250 120/130 ½ Very Slow 275 140 1 Slow 300 150 2 Slow 325 160/170 3...
  19. Iwannabemargo


    Pink loves pasta, this is one of the ways I cook it quick and simple and she loves it. Pasta - 100g per hungry gymnast Passatta sugar Onion, diced to taste Basil Chorizo - 1/2 inch per person salt & pepper Cook the pasta, drain In a pan fry some chopped onion til translucent. Add some cubed...
  20. Iwannabemargo


    My gymmie is allergic to anything artificial, so I make all our food from scratch. As she needs the calories I feed her cake. I will attach a few of my favourite recipes.
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