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    Meet Tomorrow Morning

    Hey! I'm requesting good luck for my meet tomorrow morning at 8:00 am (so early on a saturday...) I have my floor and vault really good and the only thing i'm worried about on beam is a cartwheel. And i need tons of luck for bars, i have my low bar kip consistent and got my high bar kip this...
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    Level 5 divisions

    I'm a level 5 in the TAAF program and there are several divisions ranging from 1-7, division 1 being the highest scorers and 7 being the lowest scorers. i was wondering if anyone knew the scores you must have to get into each division. -Thanks
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    I'm a new member

    Hey! I'm a new member, and heres a little about me: I started gymnastics when i was 4 and i'm a level 5 now. I've never broken or seriously hurt anything doing gymnastics (whew). And i also have a meet tonight :) the skill i'm having most trouble on is kips, even though i got them pretty...
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    I have a meet tonight!!!

    That pretty much explains it, i'm a level 5 and i need good luck on bars! I FINALLY got my low-bar kip consistent this week and i'm scared that i'm not going to make it tonight. I already am pretty sure i won't make my high bar kip, but thats okay with me as long as i have it at my next meet...
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