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  1. Megogymnast10:)

    Need Cardio Conditioning List

    You could try sprints of 400’s and 800’s with a small amount of rest time so you are used to moving fast but still get breaks so you’re not completely dying.
  2. Megogymnast10:)

    Xcel Diamond vault question

    Can you compete a yurechenko entry without the flip at the end in xcel diamond? Haven't seen it done before, that's why I'm wondering if that's allowed
  3. Megogymnast10:)

    Too Old?

    I think you should stay with it, just maybe try to do some conditioning and drills at home to help.
  4. Megogymnast10:)

    Xcel Platinum Beam

    Can you compete front walkover cartwheel on beam for Xcel Platinum as a connection? If so, how common is it?
  5. Megogymnast10:)

    Xcel Front tumbling

    What front tumbling can you do in xcel platinum on floor? Is front handspring front tuck ok?
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