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  1. henrik541

    MAG different routines

    Sooo, I hope I don't get any type of hate for posting this but... I feel like there's this general idea that men can't be artistic or graceful, that's pretty obvious given the fact that there's no music or dance in FX for MAG. What I want to know is if there is any male gymnast that actually...
  2. henrik541

    Round off back tucks and layouts... going backwards

    So, long story short, I started practicing round off back tucks, my coach said it doesn't look like a back tuck at all, so i should start doing pikes, I can't pull up my pikes, so they end up being layouts. :D So, now I'm training back layouts, but whatever the position is, I can't seem to get...
  3. henrik541

    CB's 3rd Unique Contest! 2012 Edition

    Hi! So, here we are again to start our 3rd Annual Chalk Bucket's Unique Contest. Last year, gymnastbeth (winner of the first edition) started the second contest,, but nobody entered it. I believe it was due to...
  4. henrik541

    Overrotating on double backs?

    HI! Before you start asking, this thread shows a video about acro, which is like the definition of gymnastics in my country, but applies to every gymnastics discipline that uses double backs. Double back tucks are very common in acro, artistic, tumbling and trampoline, and I've seen a lot of...
  5. henrik541

    RO Back Handspring!!!YAY!!!, Tempo and Onodi

    HI EVERYONE! I'm bigger than myself right now! Seriously! Today I did my first roundoff bhs all alone! I had done it before but it was so awful that I didn't even consider it a BHS. But today was awesome, I was so confident!... Okay, anyway... Since I already have my RO BHS, I'm pretty sure my...
  6. henrik541

    Is this routine permitted (legal)? Does it meet the requirements?

    HI! As you may know, I do acro, but I would love to do artistic someday, but given my actual discipline, I would only be able to do floor, IMO (maybe parallels and vault, if I practice a lot). As you also should know, acro is much more artistic than MAG, so I don't have that powerful tumbling...
  7. henrik541

    Is this routine permitted?

    HI! As you may know, I do acro, but I would love to do artistic someday, but given my actual discipline, I would only be able to do floor, IMO (maybe parallels and vault, if I practice a lot). As you also should know, acro is much more artistic than MAG, so I don't have that powerful tumbling...
  8. henrik541

    New club, new questions! Tumbling and Flexibility!

    :)Merry Christmas to y'all!!! I hope you're having a great day! So, as I probably have said a thousand times, I'm now training at a new club, where I'm learning lots of new stuff, and with that comes new doubts. Ok, lets cut the talking and get down to the questions: Flexibility: 1-Maybe you...
  9. henrik541

    Healing fairies for my top!

    Hi! Guys, I need your positive energy! This year I started doing Acrobatic Gymnastics in a serious club and I was paired with a very talented girl. Well, we were doing en exercise in wich she was on top of my shoulders and she just fell backwards over her shoulder. She broke a bone. I've been...
  10. henrik541

    I did my first Back handspring! and other progress

    HI! So, I've been a little off from this forum, for a while. I didn't really have much to say, or at least I tought you wouldn't care. First of all, yesterday I did my first back handspring with spotter (and heaps, after that). We started yesterday only, and I can almost do them alone. I'm so...
  11. henrik541

    Russian Walkover - Help

    Hey there! I'm here to ask for help! A few months ago I was reading the Acro CoP, and saw a skill called the Russian Walkover. Some people call it Back Half Reverse, and I've seen it done as a back walkover stopping in handstand, half turn, front walkover, but I would prefer the version in the...
  12. henrik541

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I love Christmas!!! I just wanted to say this, but then I remembered... Any gymnasts from London? I wanted to study in London but I don't know how much it costs and what about some good gymnastics and circus schools? Please help me, and once again, Merry Christmas...
  13. henrik541

    Splits tips

    Hey people! Merry not-yet-christmas everyone! So I was doing splits the other day and my coach said they were fine! Fine! I'm so happy! I always have been the-one-can't-do-splits and now they're fine! :p Since I heard this, i feel more confidant and flexible all the time. But now, I want to get...
  14. henrik541

    1st Chalk Bucket's "Unique" Contest

    I noticed that CB's Parents have their own contest and I tought we should too. So I propose... the 1st Chalk Bucket's "Unique" Contest! Here are the rules: You have to submit a new skill created by you. You should embbed a video or post a picture but you can also just describe it. The skill...
  15. henrik541

    Games & Gymnastics

    I just noticed that it's really hard to find a good game about gymnastics, specially online. The only one I found interesting was: Moss News - Vaulting Adventures Does anyone know some more great games?
  16. henrik541

    Trampoline and handspring 180

    Hi! First of all I am really proud to say that I learned this Thursday (on my own) the front handspring with an half twist after hand support! Now I just lack to know it's name, cause I know that the same skill with a full twist is called a mostepanova, right? Also, I bought yesterday a 8 inch...
  17. henrik541

    New story

    YouTube - Joy Summer High: TumblPower - Pilot The link above is my youtube link for a brand new cheerleading stories. I advise you that I never done cheerleading cause there's no such thing down here, so sorry for any big mistake or spelling error. Hope you like it.
  18. henrik541

    Valdez pirouette and back handsprings

    Hi, I'm about to start back handsprings and I would like to know how long did you take to learn them and what difficulties do you have/had while learning? Also, I'd like you to help me with a new skill: I have no idea how to do a valdez pirouette and I really need it. Plz help...:)
  19. henrik541

    Hi people!

    I'm so rude! I completely forgot to introduce myself! :D Hi, I'm Henrik(541), I live in Portugal and I'm a male gymnast (one of the few guys around here). I've been using this site to solve lots of doubts I have and other people have and I must say that I'm really happy to be a part of this...
  20. henrik541

    What's my leading leg?

    What's the leading leg and how do I know wich one is mine? e.g.- is it the leg that leaves the floor firstly or lastly doing an handstand?
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