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    For Parents Anybody trying gym school?

    Our gym posted this as something for the gymnasts to do, did anyone else hear about it or is doing it? Not sure if it is legit or not, hoping that someone on chalkbucket could vouch for it.
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    USA Gymnastics: then vs now – Mykayla Skinner

    First hand account of how Team USA has changed recently, seems like it's for the better, hopefully it has a trickle down effect to the youth levels. 4:50 she starts going over the differences.
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    For Parents Shorts Recommendations

    I searched the forums but all the threads look pretty old and outdated, does anyone have updated recommendations for shorts to wear over their leos? DD has been wearing her school leggings at practice, at first she said she was cold, but mom and I suspected it is because she is uncomfortable...
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    Hello everyone

    Stumbled onto the forum a couple of months ago while trying to find some advice for my 8 year old DD's kip (she has since gotten it). She is in her second year of compulsories (Level 2 last year, starting Level 4). This is our first experience with competitive Gymnastics as nobody in our...
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