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    Hello Folks!

    I'm alive and well. Had some deaths in the family. 2 new grandchildren. and the day job overloaded. things have seemed to calm down so i hope to be on more frequent now. thank you to a few that sent me Christmas Cards. it was much appreciated. shhhh...
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    Ankle weights
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    Oklahoma Gym hit by tornado
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    For Coaches Complements of Rick McCharles
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    Front Limbers/Thanks Rick and Andrew
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    "I don't know him. But I tried to understand him, which offended a few popular posters (and some of their followers). On that thread, @@dunno took a position about twisting that I thought would be repeated here because @@dunno was so adamant that there IS ONLY one correct approach to twisting...
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    Great Read.
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    Remember where you first learned about this. :)

    the i described in the threads about what changes could be made to apparatus and changes that can prevent injury:
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    ENJOY! :)
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    Must Read For Everyone. Spread The Word.

    Use of ice explained. Here is a quick "Selfie" type video I made on my cell phone explaining the use of ice. Sorry about the crudeness of the video and it was done just with one take off the top of my head. I hope it gives a good overview. Ice is nice but it needs to be done properly and as...
  11. D he human?

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    up, down, sideways. Natalia's post with an answer.

    for some reason i am not able to post and respond to Natalia's post. so here it is as a repost.: 1st bold: layout back step out. or layout 2 foot landing. can be done both ways and both lead to different kinds of "series" on beam. 2nd bold: some kids are better at front aerials and some...
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    For Parents Podcast

    this is a bit related to that 'other' post about some issues in our industry, as well as others, where it was alleged i didn't know what i was talking about in regards to kids talking to adults when they need to. if you recall, i stated that many of us are proactive and the kids will talk given...
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    Trampoline Parks

    more info for your viewing . this is from yesterday. please take the time to read the "comments" to this article.
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    hey Bog, time to clear your stuff. i pm'ed you back. :)
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    For your viewing pleasure :)

    This 86 Year-Old Gymnast Has AMAZING Skills and Strength! - Safeshare.TV
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    Shout out to those in Texas!/11687/27dd23d7e88eea3e7747a53b87075e4e
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    hi all, just wanted to let everyone know that i am alive and well. thank you for all the PM's wondering if i was still breathing or not. the site has been having some troubles that i am sure will be resolved. in the meantime, the site is not working seamless for me at the moment. i'll do my best...
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