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    Huge life changes... again!

    Welcome to R5!! Glad you will be a part of it!
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    For Parents Athlete A

    Wow. Powerful!
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    Large gym-crazy family

    Welcome! Glad you finally joined CB!!
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    Return to gym stories

    I’m so sorry to hear that your older daughter got injured on her second day back. So tough. I hope the injury is not too bad and that it is a quick recovery. And hope bars returns for your younger daughter quickly!! Our gym is still closed so do not know yet how all of this time off will...
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    Gym opening data in the US by state

    Michigan gyms are still closed. No date set to reopen that I have heard. Stay at home order was lifted earlier this week and gyms can now hold practices outside for a certain number of gymnasts. Have not heard anything yet from our gym about potential outdoor practices. So tough...
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    Gym opening data in the US by state

    Michigan just extended the stay at home order until June 12. Have no idea what phase gyms are in but certainly feels a far way off. Sigh...
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    Senior Letting Off Some Steam

    Wow, thank you for sharing. Makes me sad to read what you are missing out on but also happy that you are finding the positives. And I love the fact that your teammates did a drive-by. Hang in there! Continue to stay positive and know that you have lots of people supporting you during this...
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    Update on my DD (VERY LONG)

    Good luck to her in college! Glad she stuck with it!
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    For Parents Coronavirus

    Definitely a bummer that all meets are canceled through May 10. Season is over. Our gym is closed through March 30 as mandated by the governor. In Michigan.
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    Post season meets and Coronavirus

    Same. Our gym closed for the weekend to clean. Then moved some groups to the mornings to reduce the number of gymnasts in the gym at the same time. Then learned yesterday that the gym is closing for this week. Will evaluate after that. And now our state has just ordered a slew of businesses...
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    For Parents Help me to understand this vault score

    Yes, the score should be the average from the two judges. I wonder if the 10.0 from judge number one was the start value. Not the actual score.
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    For Parents Gym and Braces

    My daughters will often take pain medication before the appointment (or immediately following) to reduce any discomfort. That seems to help. They have not needed to miss practice due to pain.
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    For Parents Anyone having issues with Meet Scores Online?

    Maybe try Perhaps they are loaded there as well?
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    For Parents Vault what in the world do they look for

    There is an earlier thread about these vaults that include a couple of videos. The videos help explain what the judges are looking for. The thread is titled "Please help me understand these new vaults". Could be helpful to watch the videos. I thought they were informative.
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    More 6's, less 5's

    Not many gyms seem to compete level 5 for an entire season in our area, including ours. Our gym has girls go straight to level 6 or 7 (after scoring out of level 5) after one or two seasons of level 4. My DD is doing a second year of level 4 this season as she was not ready to compete level 6...
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    For Parents Retired Gymnast... Now Wrestler

    Love this story. Thank you for sharing.
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    Level 4 groupings

    At the level four meet we were at last weekend, seven, eight and nine-year-olds were in one age category together. The gymnasts were not divided equally but strictly by age. Last year, it seemed many of the level four meets we attended combined seven and eight-year-olds. Sometimes they were also...
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    For Parents Tops National Test Score Calculation

    USAG has posted the teams on their website. But I am having problems posting the link here. Sorry.
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    For Parents Upper Xcel practice hours?

    This year our platinums and diamonds are going 12 hours. Our golds are going 9 or 10. In years past, our platinums and diamonds have gone a maximum of nine or 10 hours.
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