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    For Parents Air track question

    Thanks for all the data/info. I just ordered one. Told DD she could only use it if she does conditioning and stretches. She had said this was her last season but has been asking me to order one since being on this forced break. Will see... how it all plays out.. Staying in shape will good...
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    For Parents Deciding to be done?

    11 DD ended last season really excited about new season - which we are halfway though meets (Xcel Platinum). Five months in- November she began saying she wanted to quit. Had a few meeting with main coach and found it seemed to be more about an issue with not getting along with another coach...
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    Individual Event Specialist

    Can someone explain how gymnast can compete as an IES? I am curious because DD has block and won’t vault so wonder if this would allow her to qualify for states even if she only competes 3 events for the rest of the season. She is in Xcel.
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    Dominique Dawes to open gym
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    Help- Backwards issues!!

    My DD currently only does forward elements because of blocks. She does also work on building back backwards tumbling by doing a few attempts at spotted backhand-springs or back walk overs at most practices. She did need to switch to Xcel though.
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    For Parents Questions about Xcel

    Many girls at at DDs gym do xcel so they can try and compete other sports at the same time - such as swimming, diving, track & field and lacrosse. I consider these girls high performance athletes.
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    Backward Tumbling Required?

    Update. Last night DD did multiple standing back tucks (with a spot). Best part was how excited she was about it. She asked coach if I could come onto the floor to see her do one. Great life lesson- working through setbacks and fears!
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    Backward Tumbling Required?

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Backward Tumbling Required?

    I doubt they will let her move on or score out at this point. Just more curious if she could still do optionals later if she has still has a block. She is 9 going on 10 and doing xcel gold now. She did track also this year but seems more committed to gymnastics since trying other sports.
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    Backward Tumbling Required?

    Is it possible to meet optional level (6 -10) requirement with only front tumbling? Just curious since DD has developed block - going backwards. She did switch to xcel but seems to want more hours lately. I guess switching back to JO may not be possible though because she only competed up to...
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    For Parents Quitting

    I made her go to practice this week. She was not happy when I told her - but once she got in the gym her attitude completely changed. She participated fully and came home in good spirits. It was as if all the discussion before about quitting never happened.
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    For Parents Quitting

    Meeting with Xcel coach did not go as I expected. She didn't support switching to Xcel and suggested trying level 4 for the summer. This coach has know DD since she was in classes- age 5. She did say she could switch to Xcel after summer if she really wanted to. Seems like they want to...
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    For Parents Quitting

    Thanks all. We have been using the term - being done with gymnastics rather than "quitting.". We meet with the Xcel coach tonight. She is signed up for a basketball camp for the week the gym is closed. I have also found a few soccer camps she can attend. We kind of went through this last...
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    For Parents Quitting

    I have learned so much from this site. This is my first time posting. DD (just turned 9) who just completed level 4 has decided to quit. She decided this right after she learned she would have to do another year at level 4. I think she is upset and not thinking about the real consequences...
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