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    Starting horizontal bar

    Hello everyone! Soon I would like to start training horizontal bar. I have access to proper gymnastics facilities, but coaches only know about WAG skills, although it seems that the beginning elements of horizontal bar and uneven bars are similar so perhaps they still can help. I am a beginner...
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    Choosing 4 out of the 6 men apparatus

    Hello, beginner adult gymnast here - posted about my roundoff for advice sometime ago and it is slowly improving :) Different question today: so far I have been mostly doing floor and, more recently, vault. Those are there to stay, but eventually I would like to learn something in 4 out of the...
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    Round off

    Here a video of my round off and of some drills I have been doing, any suggestions on how to improve would be very welcome! I have heard that one should get the legs together when hitting the handstand, which clearly I am not doing, however I have also read that in order to do so one would...
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    Back handspring and back tuck progressions

    I have seen that it is usually recommended to learn a back handspring before a back tuck. What are the reasons and do they still apply to adults? More generally, does anyone have any recommendation on progressions for these two skills for adults (male in his 30s here)? As an adult male even if...
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    Kick up to handstand: shoulder position

    Adult trying to learn some gymnastics here. I've noticed that there are two possible way to approach the gymnastics entry to a handstand: in one the shoulders are not completely open when the hand contact the ground but reach the fully open position while reaching the hs; in the other the...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello! I've recently discovered the world of gymnastics, and wish I had found it before! I am trying to learn some acrobatics as an adult - and it's hard... Would it be fine to post videos of my executions asking for correction? Which forum should I use? Thanks!
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