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    Booster Club Question

    Hi, There is a topic being brought up at our next Booster club meeting. Some think that when voting, making decisions, etc each FAMILY should get a vote, others think each GYMNAST should get a vote. We have a very small team and there are 3 families with 2-3 gymnasts which is not quite half...
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    For Parents Getting Ready to Switch Gyms

    ANyone else gone through the process of switching gyms? State is a month away and we are 99% sure we are going to take the girls to another gym. My oldest is 10 yo L4 and while she scores a 34 in every meet, she has scored a 34 in practically every meet. There has been lots of coaching...
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    New from Indiana

    Hello, My name is Kathy. I am mom to four kids, two of which are gymnasts. I look forward to meeting others on here!
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