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    For Coaches Grips or no grips?

    Hi We are thinking about getting grips to our gymnast that do or starting to do kips and cast to handstand and so on. Since we are a very new club we don't really have any experience about. How much difference and what diff is it between? Grips with a roll, Grips without and going without...
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    For Coaches Good strength exercise for this skill

    Hi Now i am not sure what the skills/excercise is called in english. But in our level system we have an skill that alot of our girls have a problem mastering. You start as you are going to do a beginner forward roll and then press you butt up against the level of your shoulders and the legs...
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    I would like some input on these form of skills.

    Hi I would like some input on the back handspring and round off instructions in this clinic with Wade Petersen. March 4, 2011 MOV08635 - YouTube March 4, 2011 MOV08636 - YouTube March 4, 2011 MOV08637 - YouTube March 4, 2011 MOV08638 - YouTube March 4, 2011 MOV08640 - YouTube March 4, 2011...
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    Loetard sizes Snowflake VS GK

    Hi My club is thinking of changing brand from Zone to Snowflake. Would like to have an idea of the sizing. We have some GK leotards that we can have the gymnast try on, but i don't know how GK and Snowflake matches each others sizes, anyone have an idea? Oh and what about cut, some of our...
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    Would be nice to have a topic for...

    buy and selling old gym equipment or should we maybe use the gym owner topic for it?
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    Hi there New to this forum. I am gymnastic coach since 6years back, training boys and girls in recreative gymnastics in Sweden. I spend maybe 12-15hours a week in the church playroom and school sporthalls, coaching gymnastics. We dont have any real gymnastic gym locals in my city, so kinda...
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