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    Continuing JO track after high school

    I have a gymnast who is graduating high school and would like to continue to compete on the JO track. She is a level 9 and going to a local college with no gymnastics team. Does anyone know the rules on this? We have only done adult AAU before.
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    Filling a gymnastics pit

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    For Coaches hollowing the front handspring or front bounder

    I have a gymnnast who keeps having the hollow body position out of the front layout. This will make it hard to connect it to anything in the future. I have tried to get her to correct to an arch but she is still hollowing out. Are there any drills anyone can suggest?
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    does she need tiger paws?

    My dd is learning the Yurchenko vault and her coach says she needs to get the tiger paws. She really has never had any braces or wraps before so I am wondering why he is requiring them. Does anyone else use them? What is the reason he would require them?
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    For Coaches Try outs

    So I have decided to have tryouts for team. Mostly for compulsories. Due to some parents deciding to take off for the summer and other parents worried about the level changes, I have decided that we will be open to all decisions about team placement. I want to have a team tryout day similar to a...
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    this is mislabled but it is coaches learning new level 3 routine

    what we coaches do for you gymnasts LOL New level 2 floor - YouTube
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    For Parents The cupcake Gym

    Ok, it seems that lately a team gymnast will have a birthday and the parent will bring in cupcakes at the end of practice to celebrate the birthday. Why would you after working out for 4 hours and it being late at night give the kids cupcakes? I have 34 kids on team. That could be 1 cupcake...
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    what is USAG's intention with Xcel?

    Well last year as part of our program, I used the 2 levels of xcel (gold and Plat) in my state as an off season/ in between levels. The girls who finished old 5 states in fall competed xcel gold in spring. and those who could score out of old 6 but not ready for 7(no giants) did xcel plat in...
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    level 4 bars with shorthand

    Level 4 Bars Shorthand - YouTube level 4
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    level 5 floor with shorthand

    Level 5 Floor Shorthand - YouTube
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    level 4 floor with shorthand

    Level 4 Floor Shorthand - YouTube
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    learning level 3 bars

    Level 3 bars routine - YouTube
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    For Coaches athletes foot and mat cleaning

    Ok, so one of the parents kids accused us of giving their kids athletes foot. Now, I clean the mats religiously with bleach and soap, but I wonder, what can I do more, with like 100 kids all running barefoot. Can I realisticly make it a germ free enviorment or is there a cleaner that can kill...
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    level 4 and 5 beam with notations

    Level 4 Beam Shorthand - YouTube level4 Level 5 Beam Shorthand - YouTube level 5
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    level 4 to 7 gym policy

    At my dds gym this will be the new policy. They will have the kids compete 4 twice then test out of 5, if they have giants they compete 7 if not then 6. I think it is weird to go from essentaily 4 to 7 in one year but that is what some kids at her gym wil do.Thank goodness she is a level 9.
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    For Coaches grouping my students (where to put the new 6s)

    We are at a small gym so I have groups as follows: the 1s and 2s(old 2s and 3s), 3s and 4s(old 4s and 5s) test out of 5 (OLD 6) when ready, then optionals(when they have giants) The groups don't mix except on sat morning when we all stretch and run. I am thinking of having a new level 5 group to...
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    For Coaches pirouettes or releases

    ok, I have 2 gymnasts who will be level 8 next year. I am wondering if I should have them train to compete pirouttes or releases? Also what releases are more progressive. Which ones are dead-ends? I have a spotting belt but, I only have use of a pit once every 2 weeks. Any tips or advice would...
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    I really hate this show and wish USAG would stop promoting this show. I don't care if a former gymnast was dancing on this show. This is not gymnastics.
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    For Coaches scroring to go to the next level

    well the gym that I coach at does not require a score to move to the next level but I know of many gyms that do. USAG says no score from 1-3, from 4-7 now 31 and 8-10 34. Our states require a 32 to go to state and if u hope to go to regionals it is 36 for level 7 and 8 but 34 for level 9 and 10...
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