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    For Parents 1st Yurchenko

    GymnastJC- ❤ Sent from my iPhone using ChalkBucket mobile app
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    For Parents 1st Yurchenko

    Dunno- exactly!! I'm not a coach and obviously cannot explain or properly term things she is doing but what you described sounds like exactly what I saw. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to believe she can do these drills. Like I said I would not lie to make her sound better than...
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    For Parents 1st Yurchenko

    For those of you deciding to give me a hard time about my choice of wording on the "dismount" as I have said before I am not a gymnast, coach or other.. As for making a fool of myself to her coach or anyone else at the gym.. I never discuss stuff like this with him. I watch then tell my daughter...
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    For Parents 1st Yurchenko

    GymBeeMom and gymmomtotwo- thank you, thank you, thank you :) some people just don't get it! Sent from my iPhone using ChalkBucket mobile app
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    For Parents 1st Yurchenko

    Level9mom- I have no idea since I'm not a coach. But if you look up the definition of Yurchenko it has a few options for the dismount. I'm not as concerned about as you are but if it bothers you that much you can ask your child's coach why a coach would ask someone to do a double back. She had a...
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    For Parents 1st Yurchenko

    Drills for me are fine!! I'm just excited to see the backhand spring element being added to her vaulting. The comment someone made about getting wrist guards is a good idea and will be asking her coach on Monday. Yes she competed L4, but then Competed a few meets of L5 then a meet of 6 so it...
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    For Parents 1st Yurchenko

    Thanks for all the banter back and forth! While I have read everyone's statements and have contemplated staying out of the discussion, however thought since everyone seems to be worked up over it I would set the record straight. I may have not written it exactly detail by detail and understand...
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    For Parents 1st Yurchenko

    Found a new gym. And daughter did her 1st Yurchenko last night. I couldn't believe it. She was so happy, this place is going to be great for her. Still working on basic form issues but this coach after watching her has her training in a group of 7's training 8. She is so tiny (remember she's 7)...
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    How do you pronounce.....

    It's a really neat looking skill. There is a really good video of a girl doing one on a tumble track on you tube. Sent from my iPhone using ChalkBucket mobile app
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    I'm so mad at my self!!

    I'm sure you are in the gym training every week. The coach most likely knows who you are and has seen you training. Just because you felt you messed up the one time they were watching doesn't mean it was the only time they really do watch. Sent from my iPhone using ChalkBucket mobile app
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    How many hours a week do you train (poll)

    Ok, this is going to sound crazy... Daughter is training L7 and goes 24 hrs week. But that is the average for most of the clubs in our area for this level. Sent from my iPhone using ChalkBucket mobile app
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    Grips, grips, grips!?

    Try Sent from my iPhone using ChalkBucket mobile app
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    Weight/height/bars connection?

    Coachp- she is a beautiful gymnast, I showed the video to my daughter who is also on the smaller side and saw her eyes light up when she saw the giants on low bar. You must be a very proud coach!! Sent from my iPhone using ChalkBucket mobile app
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    For Parents Team Gym and GFA(Gym For ALL)

    We use to do Team Gym, our gym was one of the only places around that offered it. They do vault, a tumble pass, mini tramp, and a choreographed dance/ gymnastics/ tumble routine with a minimum of (I think) 5-6 athletes. We attended a nationals that was held at Universal Studios and a team came...
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    For Parents My sweet D got in trouble and sent out!

    It's always the talented ones who have that feisty type attitude! I feel they need that spark to stand out above the rest! If I were to bet (and I may be off base here) she's also fearless. Good job mom for standing behind the coaches and making her apologize. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Gymnastics meets Modern Family

    I think Phil also subscribes to a tumbling magazine, they showed it one time when Gloria went through their mail.
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    Your Favorite Things

    Fav TV shows- once upon a time, Long Island Medium, Duck Dynasty Fav Movies- Bridesmaids, Act of Valor, 2012 Fav things to do- Travel, Try new Restaurants (we are foodies) and spend time with family Biggest lesson learned- Life is to short.. Be happy with who you are and what you have because...
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    Planet alignment

    Glad I saw this thread. I homeschool and my kids will love to see this on the 30th and 31st. Thanks for the info!
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    just for fun, how many pushups can you do?

    cbifoja-hahahaha!!!!! I needed a good laugh!!! -3! I'm still laughing. It doesn't take much :) anyways, although I have Aflac I'm not about to try but I'm pretty sure I can beat the -3 with a -4 or -5.
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    ? Cannot read previously posted thread

    Ok, I don't have any issue with that. I actually would prefer it be taken down. Thank you :)
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