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  1. hunde2

    For Parents DD quit

    Well,after a year of injuries dd lost her desire for gymnastics. It took about 5 month with this last injury for her to recover and be pain free. Very frustrating especially since she had so much upgrades in her skills. She did accomplish a lot in only 6 years of gymnastics and she looks at this...
  2. hunde2

    Grenx Tea

    Has anybody heard or even used Grenx Tea? It is a high concentrated green tea and other ingredients that can help with all kinds of health conditions. What experience did you have with it and did it help? It was recommended to my daughter.She has hip pain caused by Tendinitis which is taking a...
  3. hunde2

    For Parents Update on dd

    I haven't posted an update on dd in a while. She has been injured most of the season and it is very frustrating since she has worked so hard and had many upgrades.Only competed a couple of meets. We actually petitioned her to Regionals but she is still not well and we decided to just let her...
  4. hunde2

    For Parents First Meet Report and Vid

    DD competed in her first official Level 9 meet of the season last weekend. i think she did pretty well but had a couple falls were I actually least expected them. We went out for lunch before the meet and my stomach was messed up for the rest of the day.I don't know if it was nerves or actually...
  5. hunde2

    First official meet

    Dd has her first official meet this Saturday.Gym practice has been going pretty good. I hope she will not be to nervous and is able to focus. It is a small meet but I think that's a good start.
  6. hunde2

    For Parents Meet Report

    It was a team Exhibition,so no scores.The goal was to make each routine without any falls or major mistakes. I think she did pretty good.Great floor routine.Vault was good too-same as last year.Bars was watered down.Started on highbar and made her overshoot from a handstand which is new this...
  7. hunde2

    For Parents Mockmeet tonight

    Dd has her mockmeet tonight.They will not have any judges but earn points for their team on "made" routines if they connect everything and don't have any major mistakes. Her tumbling passes on floor will be: ro bhs 1 1/2 to layout,ro bhs full and last will be punch front full punch pike.Still...
  8. hunde2

    For Parents New floorpass ?

    Coach had DD try a bhs 1 1/2 punch layout for the first time and it looked great. Still don't know what all her passes will be but this one is a possibility. That would make for 3 new passes this season. She also made about 6 out of 8 switchleap gainer layout on beam yesterday,getting more...
  9. hunde2

    Update and vid

    We just returned from a training camp our Region had.There were a lot of good clinicians. Dd had fun. Here is a short vid of some skills she is working on. YouTube - Region 2 Gymnastics Camp 2009
  10. hunde2

    For Parents New floor routine

    Dd got her new floor routine. She loves it. Compared to the old one it has more dance in it. I think it fits her very well. They are still playing around with the tumbling. For now the plan is for her to do a double back,punch front full punch layout and double full. Well she has never done a...
  11. hunde2

    For Parents Little update

    Here is a little update on dd.She had a shoulder injury over the summer and mostly did conditioning and skills that did not require the use of her arms.Shoulder is still a little sore but better. She did some punch front full layouts and doublebacks with a little spot on floor the other day...
  12. hunde2

    For Parents Series of unfortunate events

    Dd's shoulder has been hurting for a few weeks now and she is not able to do any tumbling or bars.We been to the Ortho and waiting for the MRI now. Had some problems with that shoulder last year but it went away after some time of rest. Well coaches decided to have her practice a gainer layout...
  13. hunde2

    For Parents Goals

    Dd had to write down some goals for beam yesterday and one of them was to do a bhs layout stepout on the low beam by July 15 th, well,guess what? She did it yesterday.She was so happy. Another goal is to connect a switch leap switch side on beam. She can do the switch leaps and is getting more...
  14. hunde2

    For Parents Changed gyms

    This was one of the hardest decisions we had to make in a while.Dd old gym is having some financial problems and we needed her to have a stable enviroment since uptraining during the summer is very important. She took to the new gym surprisingly easy.So far she has only been there a few days. I...
  15. hunde2

    For Parents Westerns Result

    We had fun.It was a good experience.Great gymnasts there.Especially from Texas. Went to the BBQ the night before which was really fun too.It was at Woolaroc Ranch.We were greated by cowboys and saw a buffalo right next to the street.They had a DJ and fireworks at the end. Dd session was at 0800...
  16. hunde2

    For Parents Level 9 Regional Championship vid

    The vid is now up.:) YouTube - Level 9 Regionals 2009
  17. hunde2

    For Parents Qualified

    She did it.Qualified to Western.It was not to hard with the new agedivisions but it could have went the other way too. I can see how dd matures and even with the fall on bar(the dismount again)she kept her focus on the other events. Bars 8.45 (fall and slipped on her pirouette so she turned it...
  18. hunde2


    We'll be leaving for Regionals in a couple of days.It's only a 3.5 hour drive this time.It was an 8 hr drive for State.So I'm glad but we do have to stay the night before the meet. Dd has been getting pretty consistent doing her bar routine.Beam still falls on series at times and had a fall on...
  19. hunde2

    For Parents Level 9 State meet result and bar vid

    Dd had a very uncharacteristic floor.Fell on bhs 1 1/2 punch pike.She said she made it to high.Big step to the side on her fhs full and landed funny on her fhs whip so she could not pike out of it.Score 7.95:(. Ofcoure she was very upset.Went out to the bathroom crying.I thought she is going to...
  20. hunde2

    For Parents Meet Result and Video

    Dd had her last meet before State.She improved her Al around by 1 point but had 2 falls.I guess not to bad. Floor was 9.45 Vault 8.75 (9.5 SV) Bars 8.325 (9.7 SV) with fall but score still up from 8.1 Beam 8.8 with fall All around 35.325 Competition was tough.Only medaled on floor(2nd place)...
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