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  1. coyote

    Prayers/thoughts please

    Sending prayers her way.
  2. coyote

    For Parents Why do we have to travel so far for meets?

    Our optionals, especially 8-10 travel out of state for almost every meet. We are doing one local invitational and our state meet is local this year. We will be traveling to Washington, California, Arizona, Illinois and if Regionals goes well, Jackson, Mississippi. We are not a largely...
  3. coyote

    For Parents Not allowed to move to team...

    My daughter just turned 16. She will be competing level 10 this season. She is almost 5'7". She is a great gymnast. Just because, for a gymnast, she is tall doesn't mean she can't do what needs to be done. Sure there are skills that come harder for her because of it, but she makes up for...
  4. coyote

    For Parents How many kids?

    I used to have two but I'm down to one. When I start thinking about how expensive it is, I just try to remember it used to be double. :)
  5. coyote

    When is your first compulsory meet?

    First weekend in December - Judges Cup - compulsories-level 7
  6. coyote

    Mock meets?

    We typically do a mock meet in November for both compulsories and optionals. The gym hires 2 judges and the girls receives scores as well as written feedback. We pay $10-$20 to cover the cost of the judges. There is a donation of canned goods for entry to watch the mock meet in support of our...
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