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  1. gymgurl

    Injury update: elbow

    Well, after seeing a GP, a sports physician, and x ray and an MRI we have finally figured out why my elbow is sore and causing me grief. What has happened is I had a grade 2 tear of my UCL (Ulna collateral ligament) and it isn't healing at the moment. I have also severely strained my pronator...
  2. gymgurl

    GP vs Sports physician

    There is a rather long back story to this question so bear with me for a bit. Back in december I fell awkwardly on my arm doing walkover relays when my legs went before my arms were ready. I heard a snap as did my coach who was next to me. My teammates mum is a physio and looked at it briefly...
  3. gymgurl

    Allergic to tape

    Okay, I am starting to get back into gymnastics after retiring from competition at the end of 2013. I have had a multitude of injuries since quitting (torn ligaments in elbow, displaced tailbone, compression injury of some kind in my wrist the list goes on). My elbow has take a mild turn for the...
  4. gymgurl

    Just competed my last competition ever

    So, this weekend just passed I competed in my final state championships at level 7. It didn't quite hit me how final this was until i was putting on my comp leotard realising this was probably the last time I would ever put that leotard on, the last time i would walk out onto the floor and...
  5. gymgurl

    Scoring of two routines

    Okay guys, I haven't been on for a while but I have a question for you! I have state in a week and am tossing up competing layout or full twist in floor routine. Up until yesterday I had only competed full twist but yesterday my fulls weren't going very well so I pulled back to a layout. I...
  6. gymgurl

    Why most children quit - article saw this article and just thought i'd share it as I'm sure statistics would be true for gymnastics if not a higher drop out rate
  7. gymgurl

    yet another injury

    So, I have had a streak of bad luck and my most recent was a fluke accident involves a potentially (but highly unlikely) fractured heel. So, I was at adult gym with most of the other coaches and was measuring my starting point so that I could work on round off flic double twist. I do round off...
  8. gymgurl

    Wisdom Teeth and Practice

    Okay, I had my wisdom tooth out on friday and my mouth is still very sore, I have taken every training since then off, and now want to go to training. My question is, will training potentially do more harm - I have heard exercise can make the wound bleed again. Basically, do any of you have...
  9. gymgurl

    Acrobatic Dance

    Okay, I am part of a circus society and we are putting on a show next semester and I have been asked to put together an acrobatic dance and was wanting a bit of help with what I should do in terms of acrobatics. So far I have Round off flic step out (can do multiple) Round off back tuck Flic...
  10. gymgurl

    YAY! First competition of the season!!

    I had my first competition of the season yesterday and it went fairly well can't remember scores but I think it was 10.050 for vault (out of 12.4), 11.2 for beam and I don't know my start value but I'd say it was 13ish and 11.7 for floor with a start value of 13.70. Vault was interesting -...
  11. gymgurl


    Okay I have recently started circus and me and another girl are doing a lot of acro together. We are fairly similar in height and weight and are looking for some new skills to try. Currently (I don't know if you know what these are called but ill list them anyway) we can candlestick with hands...
  12. gymgurl

    All about you

    Inspired by thread in parent forum but basically tell me all about your self! I think it would be cool if we kept the focus off gymnastics as we all clearly love gymnastics I'll start: Education: Currently studying advanced science yet to decide on major but considering microbiology, genetics...
  13. gymgurl

    How do you know it's time?

    When do you know it's time to move on? I feel like it's time to move on from competing but don't know if I can bring myself to quit?
  14. gymgurl

    University Science Project

    I have to do a science seminar on a topic of my choice. I am considering doing something related to physics and gymnastics and talking about the physics of gymnastics but I am looking for a topic or a question i can discuss. At the moment I am thinking of taking a skill from each apparatus and...
  15. gymgurl

    Physiotherapist or Chiropractor?

    Okay I'm sure there will be differing opinions on this and I'm not even 100% sure what the complete difference between a PT and a Chiro is. Personally which do you prefer? does it depend on circumstance? do you go through your GP first or go straight to physio? Personally, I always go...
  16. gymgurl

    My coach is leaving and other stuff

    So last week my coach told me at adult gym that she had a job interview and if she got the job she would not be staying to coach. So this week she had the interview and broke the news to the rest of the squad today. We get a new coach next week (current coach will coach with her for a week) and...
  17. gymgurl

    Teaching a back handspring

    I know this is quite often asked but I do circus as an extra activity and its sort of learn from each other. There is one guy who is learning a back handspring and the way I see it is his hands land practically where his feet take off which I think is to do with the fact that when he leans back...
  18. gymgurl

    The perfect hurdle

    What is the ideal hurdle? I was watching Viktoria Komova and noticed that her hurdle is different and she has straight legs. The other style with bent front leg (don't know how to describe it better) is how I was taught and I want to know which is the better/preferred hurdle and what advantage...
  19. gymgurl

    Mega brag (well for me it is)

    I just got my full twist on floor on saturday (on a sting mat but that was more because our coach doesn't want our joints to die before competition season even starts) the video is below - it's not perfect and that's probably my 5th one so I was getting a bit tired. I know I'm piking down and my...
  20. gymgurl

    Any regrets (copied from parents forum)

    So I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone has any regrets from starting gym or quitting gym if you have stopped? I won't post now as I need to think about this a little more but interested to hear all your answers
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