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  1. Rachael


    South Essex gym club is about 10 miles from Chelmsford. You could also have a look on the British Gymnastic website for other clubs in the area.
  2. Rachael

    that time of year again, post your regions results

    Yorkshire (I hope this works!)
  3. Rachael

    Test event!!

    There is info about how to follow it on the FIG website:
  4. Rachael

    OMG Whittenburg is in!!

    How ironic that it's a guy from Belarus... (At least according to FIG's Twitter!)
  5. Rachael

    Voluntary Regionals

    South West results are on the Plymouth Swallows website. I haven't seen North West anywhere.
  6. Rachael

    Songs for montage about getting through tough times/ being proud of someone

    It's perhaps not quite what you're looking for but how about Keeping the Dream Alive?
  7. Rachael

    Am I getting on the crazy train?

    I would also say go for it. However not all physiotherapists and sports therapist are equal so I'd try and get a recommendation, from a coach at the gym if possible. It might also be worth checking to see whether any of the coaches have a background in sports therapy / massage / physiology as...
  8. Rachael

    For Parents Gym gear??

    GK seems to be popular with a lot of girls. My girls have a few pairs of shorts from here which fit well and stay put!
  9. Rachael

    For Parents Gym gear??

    Yes. But I'd avoid velour as they have a tendency to ride up!
  10. Rachael

    For Parents Gym gear??

    Try Gymnastics Planet, Gymnastics Express or Elite International for bar gloves, wristbands, a bag and loops (check what size you need first). Leotards and shorts are easier to find, Milano, GK (Elite International), Quatro and The Zone are all fairly popular brands in the UK. I hope that helps.
  11. Rachael

    Move clubs or not?

    They will also be able to tell you if they have a non-compete agreement in place with other clubs which stops the other clubs from accepting gymnasts who have previously trained with them. I know of at least 3 clubs local to us who have this in place, gymnastics is a small world and the coaches...
  12. Rachael

    Star leotards?

    The Zone are quite good for reasonably priced velour or plain Lycra training leotards. My eldest has one that's 3 years old and it still looks like new. They're not quite as shiny or sparkly but they wash well!
  13. Rachael

    Star leotards?

    My daughter has a Star leotard - she got it for Christmas last year. They are stunning when they first arrive. Sizing is fairly standard - about the same as Milano. However the foil has come off my daughter's star leotard which hasn't happened on any of her others. The one she chose was a two...
  14. Rachael

    For Parents Hard Decision.

    In addition to everything else I would also consider the qualification level of the coaches at your current gym. If they aren't qualified to a high level then they won't be able to coach the harder moves.
  15. Rachael

    County Grades

    I think it depends on your County. The County we were in did 4 piece grades (no range and conditioning). They appeared to be in the following order: Grades 4 - 1 Pre-level Levels 5 - 1 ( I think) I'm not so sure about the levels, hopefully someone else will have further info. Locally Grade...
  16. Rachael

    Gyms near Taunton help please

    The Academy is the right side of Bristol for Taunton.
  17. Rachael

    Star leotards?

    My 7 year old has a long sleeved one from The Zone that fits beautifully and has done for the last two years!
  18. Rachael

    Star leotards?

    My eldest got one for Christmas. They're lovely but do take a little while to arrive - they may be made to order I think. Hope that helps.
  19. Rachael

    National NDP Grades - Info on Competitors

    I think that it must mean a total score over 55 including 11 on R & C. I know that Regional Grades are given distinctions over 55
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