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  1. Gymfinn7

    Kip Squat On

    Any tips on how to connect a kip squat on?
  2. Gymfinn7


    Hey people! So this season my coach wants me to compete an uprise which is a B skill. I'm actually really close to it on the real bars, but I can make it in our trench bar, but my coach makes me straddle when I'm in the trench bar and I'm wondering if that's a deduction. Any tips or helpful...
  3. Gymfinn7

    Flyaway Mental Blocks

    Hello everyone! So last year I competed the old level 6/ xcel gold and I competed a flyaway in my routine. I never had trouble with them, they were always easy. And now this season I'm gonna compete the new level 6/7 but I need a flyaway.... More accurately a cast flyaway. Here's my problem now...
  4. Gymfinn7

    Cast handstand, and giants help!

    Hello! So currently at the moment I'm suppose to compete level 6, which isn't bad but the only thing keeping me from going to Level 7 is my cast handstand and giants on bars. Whenever I try my cast handstand I "lock" my shoulders so that I can't get all the way to handstand, not to mention that...
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