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  1. priljune

    For Parents NC Level 5/6 State Meet

    Will anyone here be competing at this State Meet? My youngest will be in Session 5 on Saturday while her two teammates will be in session 4.
  2. priljune

    spare time?

    What do all the gymnast like to do during spare time away from gym, if you have any? My girls enjoy competing in fast pitch softball, fishing, horseback riding,camping and hunting hogs.
  3. priljune

    Judges Cup NCSU

    My girls will be headin to Raleigh to compete in the Judges Cup on the 8th. Anyone else from the Bucket gonna be there?
  4. priljune

    Fresh to the forum

    Hi there, Just joined. I am a parent to two gymnast who will be competing in USA level 5 this fall. My girls have been a part of gymnastics since ages 2 & 3. Erika the youngest has been competing since age 7 in USA and AAU and her sis Allie has been competing since age 8 in AAU and this will be...
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