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  1. tumblerK

    Balance Beam Recovery Kits

    Northern MN. The temperature is up to 12°F today, but it still might be cruel to send a Cali guy up here right now. But really, no one in our gym has ever recovered a beam before, so we're open to any help or advice offered!
  2. tumblerK

    Balance Beam Recovery Kits

    Hi All, A couple of our low beams have been in terrible condition for years, and we finally have the funds and permission to buy recovery kits so that there will actually be some cushion between the leather and wood! Huzzah! Does anyone have experience with any particular kit from a...
  3. tumblerK

    JO to Xcel level transition

    Just double checking what I think is allowable. We had a gymnast transfer from another gym. Last year she competed level 4 with limited success, she didn't get a move up score to move up to level 5. She moved to our gym at the beginning of the summer and has been thriving and picking up skills...
  4. tumblerK

    Xcel Competition Leotard Sleeve Length

    Thanks everyone, this is helpful. We're in Region 4. Anyone know what's common there?
  5. tumblerK

    Xcel Competition Leotard Sleeve Length

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I've posted, but I'm still coaching and loving it. My gym has decided to make the switch from JO to Xcel, and I think I've got all those changes down. We're looking at getting new competition leotards, and at my gym we do it a little differently to try...
  6. tumblerK

    For Coaches The other coach's opinion...

    I have been coaching team twice a week, one with another team level coach, and the other with the head team coach. We're all college age coaches. I like the head coach, but the other coach kinda worries me sometimes. She's vegan, and sometimes shares her sometimes extreme opinions and view...
  7. tumblerK

    For Coaches flinging BWOs on beam

    Hi everyone! I haven't been on in a while. I was kinda busy graduating from college. Anyways, I have a big girl job now, and I coach just for fun at my little Y gym on Mondays and Tuesdays. I have missed my girls, but man did they pick up some interesting fears and habits over the last 3.5...
  8. tumblerK

    Challenge: RO BHS drills for a 6'4" college guy

    Thanks everyone! We will give some of these a try next Tuesday. If it works I'll try and post a video for all to see! I do have another guy there who knows how to spot, so we usually team up when we have to teach these college guys things. We did throw him through his first RO BT last practice...
  9. tumblerK

    Challenge: RO BHS drills for a 6'4" college guy

    My college gymnastics club has been going pretty well lately, but we have one who we have run into a challenge with. He's 6'4", very strong, very into parkour and such. He learned a front tuck and standing back tuck, both above my head height in about an hour last year, and perfected them within...
  10. tumblerK

    For Coaches Tumbling Technique on Sprung Floor vs Un-Sprung Mats

    When I was still competing my gym had a foam floor, and I think that made some of our tumbling technique just a teeny bit better than our competitors. My gym would host a meet every year and I remember watching level 6 after another do a punch front to their bottoms because they were so used to...
  11. tumblerK magical quill challenge

    I'm also a Ravenclaw. As far as gymnasts many gymnasts being in Ravenclaw, this is some of what it says about Ravenclaw in the welcome message on Pottermore:"Without wishing to boast, this is the house where the cleverest witches and wizards live... Another cool thing about Ravenclaw is that our...
  12. tumblerK magical quill challenge

    I got in on the 2nd day. I had an alarm set for every 2 hours to check it, and at 4 am it was finally open. I'm so excited it's ridiculous. I got an official "you have been selected for early entry" email today and when I first saw it I thought it was the welcome email and a did a funny sqeaky...
  13. tumblerK

    For Coaches Teaching Basic Back Twisting

    From what I have learned the layout-jump half turn drill has a couple of purposes. One is to encourage a late twist, but the other is to get the gymnast oriented. By doing the jump half turn after the layout they get used to seeing the other side of the room when they land and then when they...
  14. tumblerK

    Packed and headed to Lake Owen!

    So I lasted 3 weeks without a laptop before I started going through withdrawals. I'm part of the wireless generation and I have come to accept that. The first week was overwhelming. There was so much to remember and so much coaching and I was still my lovely night owl sleep schedule that I...
  15. tumblerK

    Packed and headed to Lake Owen!

    I'm packed and ready to go, although my laptop is not. I'm hoping to be way too busy and way too tired at Lake Owen to care or notice. I get to be there all summer long and I'm very excited to learn all kinds of cool fancy coachin' stuff! À bientôt, CB!
  16. tumblerK

    Article: Scrutiny On The Spring Floors

    Maybe there is a way for me to combine engineering and gymnastics in my future! I don't take vibrations class for another couple of years, but I have to admit that in the first video some of that technical stuff actually made sense to me.
  17. tumblerK

    Summer Camp Staff Wages?

    The contact I just signed was for $150 per week, but I'm guessing that's at the lower end of the spectrum considering I've only been coaching for 3 years, I have no formal training, and I'm not certified in anything.
  18. tumblerK

    For Coaches Quick verbiage for teaching back handsprings

    I learned and teach with "sit, lean, jump." Sit like you're in a chair, lean the chair back until you're about to fall, then jump. The chair helps because they like to sit oddly sometimes in their own way of preparing to do the BHS and then I can look at them and ask "What kind of chairs do you...
  19. tumblerK

    Video about Science of Gymnastics on ESPNW

    This is actually the kind of stuff I was calculating in my dynamics class at the end of the semester! I had to translate the angular velocities they gave into radians per second so I could understand them better... I'm such a cliché engineering student. There actually was one problem in my book...
  20. tumblerK

    T minus 168.5 hours...

    Oh I applied to Lake Owen awhile ago and have been talking to them about summer and such. Anyways... 23 hours!! I have my 2 hardest finals left. One in an hour and 45 minutes, and the other tomorrow afternoon. I'm so ready to be done with this semester, it's been taking forever... but then I'm...
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