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  1. coach1234

    Is this a 10.0 SV level 6 bar routine

    Please can someone confirm if this level 6 bar routine has a 10.0 SV Kip (on low bar) Squat on Kip (on HB) cast handstand giant giant flyaway Thanks
  2. coach1234

    Voluntaries 2016

    Post away guys! heres the SE results
  3. coach1234

    For Coaches IGC

    Hi I am thinking of going to IGC summer 2017 as a coach/ camp leader type role, I have looked on here but can only find threads of going as a gymnast rather than a coach or camp leader, has anyone ever done this or know someone that has and can give me some tips/ information about your time? :)
  4. coach1234

    Kids who can't compete...

    i have a gymnast who is potentially really talented, but as soon as we get into routines to prepare for a meet she just goes to pot, she can't do anything and get really really stressed, to thee point she cry for no reason and when you ask her whats wrong she doesn't know and just feels she...
  5. coach1234

    that time of year again, post your regions results

    its that time again, feel free to post any grades/compulsory results you find here is the jewel of the south and angle of the north results
  6. coach1234

    For Coaches closing hips when hand hit the vault

    I have a gymnast who goes onto the in a good shape on her front handspring but as soon as her hands hit the vault she closes her hips and pikes, is there any drills/conditioning that i can do to get the to stop this?
  7. coach1234

    I'm a 'gymnast' get me out of here games

    On my kids last day of gym before christmas i am going the do a take on the tv show 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' where the girls will earn stars and the team with the most stars will win prizes I'm not sure if its just a British shower if its shown in other countries as well but just...
  8. coach1234

    Front handspring vault drills

    So some of my girls have really strong vaults going over the vault table confidently, but others are still on handspring flatbacks on mat stack as they cannot get their feet moving fast enough and they either stick their bottoms up and go up in a big pike shape or don't even get up They need to...
  9. coach1234

    Quatro cup

    Anyone there this weekend? Got the good old numbers going on again! Some of my favourites so far, (got them off the Facebook page)
  10. coach1234

    Songs for montage about getting through tough times/ being proud of someone

    Hi all So I am making a video for one of my gymnasts as she has had a lot of injuries over the past couple of years some of them being possible career ending injuries but she has thought through all of these injuries and over come so much! What songs are there about over coming tough times/ us...
  11. coach1234

    GB team Here's the GB team, it's as I predicted what are your thoughts???
  12. coach1234

    Boys and girls meets

    I have also posted this in the WAG forum but I wanted some feedback from you MAG people too! So it's that time again we are thinking of coming to the US for our kids to compete, I went to presidential classic this year and what was a very good meet for girls the boys side was low and not much...
  13. coach1234

    Girls and boys meets

    So it's that time again we are thinking of coming to the US for our kids to compete, I went to presidential classic this year and what was a very good meet for girls the boys side was low and not much of a challenge for the boys This time I am looking all over the US not just Florida, what...
  14. coach1234

    Hair question

    Okay so I've been looking for months and months now to try and find hair bows for our girls and all I seem to find is cheerleading bow which is not what I'm looking for! I see lots of you Americans seem to wear them, for example a lot to f the elites wear them and when I went to the U.S. This...
  15. coach1234

    Display ideas

    Okay so we are planning on doing a BIG display where we invite all the parents and advertise in the paper etc and get local people who have nothing to do with gymnastics to attend, something along the lines of what Heathrow do but at a much smaller scale if you've ever seen that (if not YouTube...
  16. coach1234

    'Cheeky' floor music

    I know there is a thread about floor music but I couldn't see what I was looking for on there, I am looking for a piece of floor music that you would imagine a little cheeky 7 year old to have I've looked in YouTube but couldn't seem to find anything although I'm still looking, anyone got any...
  17. coach1234

    What rewards do you do?

    I was just wondering what you do to rewards your kids? Min looking for some new ideas at the moment I just do stickers but I know a club gives out sparkles and when the kids fill their sparkle pot they get a prize What do you do??
  18. coach1234


    Anyone going to gymstars next weekend? Saturday is the longest competition i will have ever been too starting at 7.40am and the last presentation STARTS at 9.55pm so if anything runs late then its going to be even later! not the best set up if i'm honest having 10 year olds competing at 9pm...
  19. coach1234


    So it's grades time of year and I thought we could post all the different regions results on here like we did for the voluntary's last year So if you have or know of any regions results post them on here :)
  20. coach1234

    European teams announced!

    Here we have it, the GB team announced for Europeans Ellie downie Becky downie Claudia fragapane Amy tinkler Max Whitlock Kristian Thomas Courtney Tolloch Sam Oldham Dan purvis Louis smith
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