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    Shift Movement Facebook Post

    Did anyone else happen to see Shift Movement’s Science recent Facebook post? It went into more depth on the actual post. DD conditioned 5-6 days a week while we were off, but nearly three weeks she has all but one skill back, including the BHS on beam, which she was terrified of and only...
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    For Parents Stretching to increase flexibility

    DD wants to improve her flexibility in her leaps and splits. Does anyone have any links to some good online resources for stretches to help with this?
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    International Elite Maggie Haney Hearing

    It appears Maggie Haney’s hearing begins today. Looks like Laurie Hernandez is set to testify.
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    NCAA Big 12 Tickets

    Does anyone know when Big 12 championship tickets go on sale and the best place to buy them? DD wants to see Maggie Nichols compete before she graduates and this is probably our best chance to see her.
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    For Parents Broken Toe

    I always expected DD’s first broken bone would happen at the gym, but she broke her toe in a non gymnastics related event. The orthopedist wants to check her in two weeks and thinks it’s a good possibility she will be cleared to practice again. I was surprised that the toe would heal this...
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    Live Scoring Link

    Is there a live scoring link for the men this morning?
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    International Elite MG Elite Podium Training Leo

    Did anyone else happen to see Riley’s leo for podium training? I know MG Elite pushes the boundaries in regards to their leos, but this one seems unsafe. She was constantly pulling and tugging at the top during training. I would think that this would raise safety concerns because if the gymnast...
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    Junior Olympic Could USAG limit training hours?

    I know that USAG has an age requirement for some levels to protect young gymnasts. While it’s highly unlikely and I imagine would be very difficult to monitor, would they ever consider capping training hours based on level to protect young gymnasts from overuse injuries and early burnout?
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    Terin Humphrey’s Statement

    She made a statement on her Facebook page today: June 11, 2019: Statement of Terin Humphrey For nearly twenty years I have been a part of USA Gymnastics. From a little girl with big dreams all the way to the day those dreams came true, representing and winning medals for the United States in...
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    For Parents Best Recipes for Smoothies

    Now that we are headed into summer practice, I’m looking for some new smoothie recipes for DD to take to practice with her. They only get short breaks and it’s easier for her to drink the smoothie to refuel than to try and eat something quick. We have two that we have been using, but she would...
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    International Elite AI Judging in Tokyo 2020

    Interesting concept.
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    International Elite Gymnasts at US Classics?

    I would love to take DD to see Simone compete in person. I think it would be a great childhood memory to say you got to watch one of the greatest. (I got to see Peyton Manning play in person and it was incredible). I know there are no garauntees, but what is the likelihood that she will compete...
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    NCAA Will rising attendance lead to more college programs?

    I was watching the PAC 12 and listening to the commentators talk about the record breaking attendance Oklahoma has enjoyed this year. I know Utah and UCLA typically enjoy large crowds as well. I know there are a host of things that often dictate and determine how colleges add programs, but with...
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    International Elite I’m rooting for her!

    I think this is so cool. We have discussed how we wish there was better longevity in the sport and I love that even after 3 kids she is able to do what she does. I know her goals are very lofty and unlikely, but I’m rooting for her nonetheless...
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    For Parents Practicing while on vacation?

    We will be visiting family across the country for an extended period of time this summer. DD will be training for level 5 and I’m curious to know if it would be wise to have her attend a couple practices/open gyms at a local gym in the area. Would this be recommended so she doesn’t lose skills...
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    USAG names new CEO

    New President and CEO announced:
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    Podium Training

    anyone watching podium training?
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    Laurie Hernandez and Ashton Locklear problems?

    When it was confirmed that Laurie was returning to training at Gym Max, Ashton had a mean response. And I noticed that both Ashton and Simone no longer follow Laurie on social media. Did something happen that I missed?
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    Mary Lou Retton on DWTS

    I just saw that she will be on the show. I wonder how she will be perceived since she initially lobbied with Penny against the sexual abuse bill that passed in Congress.
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    Simone Biles Comeback

    She announced that she would be competing all four events and assuming she is in top form, will anyone be able to challenge her at the GK Classic or will it be hers to lose like it has been?
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