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  1. coach1234

    Thoughts on Challenge Cup

    This 100%! only a small amount of girls here are even trying to qualify, most of them this is their British Championships and just to make it to this competition is a massive achievement!
  2. coach1234

    Is this a 10.0 SV level 6 bar routine

    Please can someone confirm if this level 6 bar routine has a 10.0 SV Kip (on low bar) Squat on Kip (on HB) cast handstand giant giant flyaway Thanks
  3. coach1234

    Training/Open Gym

    Most gym's in the UK are very welcoming to let people train whilst they are on holiday, If you email some gym's that will be close to where you are staying (use this, just type in your postcode ) im sure many will be happy for you to train there.
  4. coach1234

    Junior Olympic JO Code changes 2018-2022

    Can they shoot front dismount? (not sure what it's called in the US but like this )
  5. coach1234

    Level 7 Chenko timer

    This could be a US to UK translation thing but to me stiff means tight? Is this is what you are insinuating then you want the gymnast to be stiff/tight when they are flipping. This might not be what you mean though
  6. coach1234

    Level 7 Chenko timer

    This is a Tsuk timer I can't find a video of the FHS
  7. coach1234

    Level 7 Chenko timer

    That is the vault here in the UK, they have to fall to their backs to encourage the backwards rotation that is needed when flipping - the level (compulsory 2) after this they have to scoop through to candle stick.
  8. coach1234

    Level 7 Chenko timer

    This is what we do in the UK i imagine its like this?
  9. coach1234

    So what is going on with BG?

    Not for level 3 as it is done in modules, you do the module and then arrange with the assessor when you are ready to do the exam, you have 2 years to take the exam or you have to redo the module. You also now have to provide a paragraph to your assessor as to what input you have had with the...
  10. coach1234

    2017 Voluntary levels results

    Yes, i believe that shami has just made the national squad in tennis for girls born in 2008!
  11. coach1234


    Halle posted this on Instagram on the 20th August, so i believe she has moved...
  12. coach1234


    Dave still coaches, Rochelle doesn't
  13. coach1234

    Grades 2017 results

    were east midlands compulsory's this weekend?
  14. coach1234

    Grades 2017 results

    South West compulsory 5, 4 and 3 National 4 -...
  15. coach1234

    Grades 2017 results

    Oh yeah, oops sorry!
  16. coach1234

    Grades 2017 results Comp 3, 2 and 1 JOS
  17. coach1234

    Grades 2017 results Compulsory 5&4 Jewel of the south
  18. coach1234

    Does your region give out anything to national finalists?

    The SW have to buy the tracksuit but they borrow the warm up and competition leotard, but no keepsakes. It can be rented out, normally only the travelling reserve will rent it and sometimes they buy it, i guess as like a 'i was part of the SW team' kind of thing
  19. coach1234

    What does this update mean? (Grade 3 beam)

    An email went out about changes at the beginning of December from bg so still not loads of time but they are only very small changes
  20. coach1234

    DD struggling, is it really worth it :-(

    This is the compulsory part of the level which is held at the beginning of the year, there is also voluntary part of the level which is held towards the end of the year which is much more like JO levels, Heres the voluntary levels form level 4 - Espoirs...
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