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  1. x*prettyinpink*x

    what else?

    I figure skate, play softball, field hockey and other sports.
  2. x*prettyinpink*x

    my favs!

    i really like nastia luiken(sp?)!:D
  3. x*prettyinpink*x


    yep!!!! :o
  4. x*prettyinpink*x

    Hi, I'm new!

  5. x*prettyinpink*x


    ye, i do that sometimes!
  6. x*prettyinpink*x

    Hi, I'm new!

    you guys seem really nice.
  7. x*prettyinpink*x

    Stick It movie review

    i love that movie!
  8. x*prettyinpink*x

    What's up?

    thank you!!!!!!
  9. x*prettyinpink*x

    Hi, I'm new!

    thank you! i am a skater and kinda a gymnast(that means i can do some tricks and i watch it on tv). i love ice-cream and i am random.
  10. x*prettyinpink*x

    Hi, I'm new!

    hey, i'm new here! this seems like a nice board and i like it. anyone want to meet me and talk with me?
  11. x*prettyinpink*x

    What's up?

    i'm new here and trying to meet some nice people. you guys are a lot nicer than people on!
  12. x*prettyinpink*x


    well i skate also(more than i do gymnastics) and i usually wear abercrombie, hollister and things like that. i'm a prep.
  13. x*prettyinpink*x

    Music at your gym?

    oh my gee! thats awesome!
  14. x*prettyinpink*x

    First High School Meet

    congrats to your daughter!
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