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  1. GymMom67

    For Parents In Baton Rouge

    We just pulled into Baton Rouge for the NCAA Regionals at LSU tomorrow! Can't wait!
  2. GymMom67

    For Parents NCAA Gymnastics Regionals

    I just bought tickets for the NCAA Regionals at LSU. We live in Texas, my husband is a huge OU fan, I like Texas A&M, but my DD decided a while back that LSU is her team! She even has an LSU backpack this year. LSU Gymnastics is currently ranked #1 in the nation, and their regionals are on...
  3. GymMom67

    For Parents Nastia Liukin Cup/Mary Lou Retton

    The funniest thing regarding gymnastics parents since watching Aly Raisman's parents watch her at the Olympics was listening to Mary Lou Retton during her daughter's floor routine! So funny!
  4. GymMom67

    For Parents South State Bound!

    We had our district championships tonight. My DD had the best meet she has ever had! She scored 9.4 on vault (2nd place), 9.325 on bars (5th place), 9.275 on beam (7th place), and 9.25 on floor (15th place), for a total of 37.25 all around. She placed 7th all around and qualified to South...
  5. GymMom67

    For Parents Surge in Skills

    It's so much fun when my DD suddenly has a surge of skills she learns or improves on. This sport is so repetitive, day in and day out, and the progress (at least for mine) is more slow and steady most of the time. But just this week, something seems to be lighting a fire under her. She is...
  6. GymMom67

    For Parents Exciting Meet Today!

    We had a super exciting meet today. First, it was at the BIG convention center in Houston. But the part that my daughter (and I!) were over the moon about was that Mary Lou Retton was there and she put the medals around every single girl's neck! How cool is that???? I honestly don't think my...
  7. GymMom67

    For Parents Meet report!

    DD had a good meet today! She is Level 3. She got a 9.5 on vault - 4th place, 9.3 on bars - 5th place, 9.3 on beam - 4th place, 8.9 on floor - didn't place, 37.0 all around - 5th place. She competed old level 3 last year. This was her first 37 all around score. Darn that .1 she didn't get...
  8. GymMom67

    For Parents First Meet Report

    We had our first meet today. It went pretty smoothly, considering everything was new to everyone, including the judges. My DD did pretty well, with the exception of beam. She had one balance check after another. She said something about their beam being hard, but soft at the same time? LOL...
  9. GymMom67

    For Parents Kip!

    My DD is new level 3 and she got her kip today! Yay! She was so excited. She was just about to get it when her bars rotation was over, so her bars coach let her stay there for a few more minutes and she got it. She came running off the floor and tackled me! Then the rest of her team tackled...
  10. GymMom67

    For Parents New Level 3 Floor Routine

    I finally got to see some of the new Level 3 floor routine today. They started working on them a couple of weeks ago, but my DD was out that whole week for camp, then her gym was closed all last week for the 4th. I like the routine. It has some really pretty elements. I haven't heard the...
  11. GymMom67

    Question About New Level 6

    If I am reading it right, it looks like the new Level 6 is not required. Looks like you can skip straight from current Level 6 to Level 7 with no required mobility I reading that right? If I am, is that level always going to be that way.....there if they need it, but not required...
  12. GymMom67

    For Parents Small Injury....Sort Of

    Late last fall, my DD started saying her ankle was hurting. I took her to an orthopedic doctor who was highly recommended by multiple people. He did some x-rays, didn't see anything, so he said it was most likely tendinitis, told us to rest it, ice it, and stretch it. We did those things and...
  13. GymMom67

    For Parents Svetlana Boginskaya Camp

    Has anyone sent their DD to a Svetlana Boginskaya Camp? She has one in our city, and compared to other ones I have seen, it's pretty affordable. We already have her registered for a non-gymnastics camp for this summer, but I thought I would ask if anyone has any experience with this one. My...
  14. GymMom67

    For Parents Question about Leos

    I have a question about leos. I have a friend who is wanting to start a business making them, and she is wanting to fully line all her leos. None of my DD's leos are lined at all, and since I have yet to see even one company who puts a lining in them, I'm thinking there must be a reason for...
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