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  1. GymMom67

    For Parents "state" leo?

    In our state (Texas), whichever meet is the furthest they can go has a meet leo. Last year in Level 3, South State was as far as they could go (and it's not easy to make it), so they all got pink leos that said "Texas" on them. This year, in Level 4, they can go as far as State, so South State...
  2. GymMom67

    Beginning of summer or end of summer to determine level for following season

    Our meet season is in the fall. They pass out move up letters in December, right before Christmas break and the girls start with their new level when they come back in January. That is their level for the following meet season.
  3. GymMom67

    For Parents Travel rewards

    My husband's job is almost 100% travel, so he flies just about every week and stays in hotels 4 nights per week most nights. He gets tons of frequent flyer miles with United. As for the airline, of you live in a city that has a hub for an airline, try to fly that one. If not, it is best to...
  4. GymMom67

    For Parents How does your gym level up? Is this typical?

    That seems like a very odd policy. We're in Texas, too. Our gym hands out move up letters in December, so right after meet season. It doesn't even have all that much to do with how they did during the season. It has more to do with the acquisition of certain skills for the next level. For...
  5. GymMom67

    For Parents Gym Vacation Week

    Ours closes the week of the 4th. They encourage people to take their vacations that week, but that week never works for us, so we'll be taking a week in June to go on vacation. I do my best to steer clear of her missing any time in August, since our meet season starts at the end of August.
  6. GymMom67

    For Parents Cancelled Practice

    Our team practices have never gotten canceled in the 3 years we have been a part of that program. If the rec classes don't meet for whatever reason, they do offer to let them make it up, but they just fit them into other classes for one class. They do this if the gym is closed for a holiday...
  7. GymMom67

    Summer schedules - parents got angry

    My DD is going to have an 8 am start time four days per week all summer. I don't work outside the home, and usually LOVE sleeping in during the summer, so I'm not looking forward to not getting a break from the early mornings, but last summer she practiced in mid-afternoon, which kind of ruined...
  8. GymMom67

    For Parents Missing school question

    We haven't had to face that yet here, but I can see it being an issue here as well (in Texas). They're very strict about how many days can be missed. I don't really hear about them dragging parents into court over it (although I'm sure they would if it was excessive), but I did have one person...
  9. GymMom67

    For Parents Made team :)

    We generally get our schedules at kind of the last minute. We don't have our summer schedule yet and I don't expect to see it for a while yet. We usually don't get the fall schedule until mid-August. Congrats to your little one!
  10. GymMom67

    For Parents In Baton Rouge

    OK, I'm cracking up. I have heard the music from Lloimincia Hall's routine three times today.....coming from my husband's computer! LOL!!! I think she has a new (and rather unlikely) fan!
  11. GymMom67

    For Parents In Baton Rouge

    Same here! I can't watch it enough! Her mom walked right past us on the way to her seat and by the way my daughter acted, you would have thought Taylor Swift had just walked past her. LOL (We knew it was her mom because a) she looks just like her, and b) she was carrying Lloimincia's face...
  12. GymMom67

    For Parents In Baton Rouge

    It was so much fun! LSU totally dominated, as expected. Llomincia Hall did not disappoint and got a perfect 10.0 on her floor routine! The LSU parents were sitting right across the aisle from us. That provided a whole other level of entertainment! ;)
  13. GymMom67

    For Parents In Baton Rouge

    A girl who came out of DD's gym is on Ohio State's team, and we were so hoping they would be at this regional, but they're going to be at Georgia. But DD is a HUGE LSU fan, so it will be a lot of fun.
  14. GymMom67

    For Parents In Baton Rouge

    We just pulled into Baton Rouge for the NCAA Regionals at LSU tomorrow! Can't wait!
  15. GymMom67

    For Parents Parent's Throwback Thrusday

    She was 4 years old. :)
  16. GymMom67

    a little arts and crafts

    Love it!!!! I'll show this one to DD for sure! My guess is that she's going to want to make one for each of her teammates.
  17. GymMom67

    Why Top 3?

    Here, they have a "large team" award and a "small team" award. The small teams count 3 scores, the large teams count 5 scores.
  18. GymMom67

    For Parents Coaches Backing Down To Parents?

    We also live in a somewhat affluent area. Not everyone has money, but there are plenty who do. But this type behavior from the parents would never fly at our gym. The owner sets the practice schedule and the kids are either willing to commit to it, or they are free to go elsewhere. Our...
  19. GymMom67

    Meeting top gymnasts

    No current gymnasts yet, but Mary Lou Retton was at one of our meets in the fall and she put all the medals around all the girls' necks. I don't really think most of the girls knew who she was, but my DD had done a big report on her for school. I've never seen her more excited than when she...
  20. GymMom67

    I'm Certain This Is A Gymnast

    I laugh all the way through this video every time I see it. But if it were my kid.....I'm pretty sure I wouldn't find so much humor in it! ;)
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