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  1. GymDad9.9

    USAG Backs Out of Buying Karolyi Ranch

    just read USA Today story off Twitter feed.
  2. GymDad9.9

    For Parents Happy Mothers Day

    Hope all the Moms have a great day!
  3. GymDad9.9

    If Life Has You Down, Do a Handstand
  4. GymDad9.9

    The Big Little Things in Life

    played a little hookey from work and spent some time watching my daughter in the gym and be there to see her get her flyaway. She was so happy. It was priceless.
  5. GymDad9.9

    Aimee Boorman Looking to Establish Coaches Group to Protect Athletes

    C.E.T.A. Coaches for the Ethical Treatment of Athletes
  6. GymDad9.9

    Jessica Howard New York Times Op-Ed on Abuse in Gymnastics

    the abuse must stop
  7. GymDad9.9

    Question Regarding Competing at Levels

    I'm sure this has been discussed in some way shape or form, but I am looking to see whether a gymnast who has "scored" out of Level 4 as part of skipping levels to get to Level 7 can compete the upcoming Level 4 season prior to starting their Level 7 competition and has also "scored" out of...
  8. GymDad9.9

    Raisman and Biles Highlight 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition
  9. GymDad9.9

    Federal Child Pornography Charges Filed Against Dr. Nassar

    Just saw it being reported on ESPN mobile app.
  10. GymDad9.9

    BYU Gymnastics Team "Wins" the Mannequin Challenge

    pretty cool how these young women struck a "pose". Enjoy.
  11. GymDad9.9

    Seeking a Good Gym in Wesley Chapel, FL Area

    A girl on my daughter's team is moving in the coming months to the Wesley Chapel, FL area, a suburb of Tampa to its northeast. The family is looking to find a gym for her and the one she mentioned LaFleur's seems to be quite a distance away. Last night I did a quick check and saw Premier...
  12. GymDad9.9

    New Sexual Lawsuit Targets Nassar, the Karolyis, USA Gymnastics, et al

    per Suit also involves verbal and physical abuse...
  13. GymDad9.9

    Judge Orders USAG Sex Abuse Files to Be Unsealed

    this story broke yesterday and is part of a Georgia trial against USAG by a former gymnast. Names and gyms to be redacted out. The files should shine light on USAG practices in this regard...
  14. GymDad9.9

    Welcome to Slacklining...

    not an Olympics sport but popular amongst Brazilians. Don't try this at home...
  15. GymDad9.9

    "My Gymnastics Feminism"

    a wonderful read from The New York Times....
  16. GymDad9.9

    A Neat Look at the Wonder of Simone Biles

    courtesy of The New York Times....
  17. GymDad9.9

    All That Glitters...

    interesting read in The New York Times on the use of crystals on leos.
  18. GymDad9.9

    Summer Reading: "You Will Know Me"

    just happened to see this review in The New York Times...
  19. GymDad9.9

    Gabby Gets a Barbie Let the Flames Begin!
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