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  1. Sourkey

    Home Training

    My son is too busy getting a PhD in fortnite to bother working out at home His coach sent out a conditioning program but he hasn’t actually done any of it. He will do chin ups and play on the trampoline, but that’s it for now. Bought him a pommel trainer thing (called the colt) because we had...
  2. Sourkey

    Age category changes - Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada

    I'm very amused at the fact that I could potentially be an 'expert'.. hahahaha. I feel like I've been navigating in the dark for a couple years, but because of that, I've become very familiar with some GymCan and GO technical documents! I'm super impressed that you even emailed them to ask about...
  3. Sourkey

    Age category changes - Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada

    My son is similarly impacted. He was too young to compete level 3 last year due to his fall birthday and now suddenly he’s considered to be two years older for competition purposes and will compete as a 12 year old rather than a 10 year old. It will impact him even more for level 4 the following...
  4. Sourkey

    his own worst critic

    My kid is the same. He has only had two meets and he isn’t doing as well as he thought he would and he has been making lots of mistakes on things he’s otherwise extremely strong. I’ve tried to talk him through some of it by having him set some goals (as described above) for the next meet. Like...
  5. Sourkey

    For Parents Informal poll - What does your gym require for volunteer work for parents?

    We have to volunteer for 48 hours per year (number is based on how many hours per week your gymnast trains X 3, but kids who train 6 hours or less don't trigger volunteer requirements) or pay a penalty of $20/hr. Purchasing food/drinks to be sold at meets also counts towards the hours. We are...
  6. Sourkey

    For Parents 2 on Team?!?!?

    My son is competitive but my girls are in developmental programs (I guess similar to pre-team?). The 4 year old is in WAG and the 7 year old is in Trampoline. We got a discount for having 3 in annual programs. My son is there 16 hours a week (M,T,Th,S), one girl is there Friday and the other...
  7. Sourkey

    Any Boy YouTubers?

    My son had a YouTube channel where he did a few “instructional” type “how to do a backflip” videos but it soon disintegrated into long and unfocused clips of him and his friends doing things like “the lemon challenge” He does follow some channels that are male gymnast focused so I’ll see what...
  8. Sourkey

    Which day to go for men’s events?

    My husband is actually from montreal so I don't know why he's suddenly afraid to drive there. We're coming from Ottawa. He'll end his work day early, grab the kid from school after lunch and they'll hopefully get there a bit early. This works out perfectly since my son's birthday is on Wednesday...
  9. Sourkey

    Which day to go for men’s events?

    Thank you! I’ll get tickets for Thursday. My husband is dreading the drive into Montreal during rush hour but he’ll survive!
  10. Sourkey

    Which day to go for men’s events?

    Just dawned on me that we should have looked into taking our oldest to see the worlds since we live just a couple hours away. There are tickets available for the only potential days we could go (Thursday or Saturday). Thursday would be the men’s individual AA final and Saturday would be the...
  11. Sourkey

    Does anyone have any experience with prolotherapy??

    My husband had a lot of success with prolo for his wrists. He's had wrist pain that he attributed to weightlifting. After a series of injections, it was night and day. He found better success with some doctors than others though. His wrists would be really swollen after each injection though. I...
  12. Sourkey

    For Parents Advice on doing what's best for 4 year old, please help.

    I wouldn't switch just because of the lack of communication. That's pretty typical in my experience. If she is unhappy there, that's another story, but that doesn't seem to be the case. My youngest is 4 and is in a "development" class for 4 year olds - they've all been tried out/been selected...
  13. Sourkey

    Pit cleaning

    Our gym only just got a foam pit and I hadn't even turned my mind to the scary stuff that could be lurking. We did, however, get an email yesterday advising all families that they were to sign up for gym cleaning every Sunday evening. I'm assuming this means the pit will be cleaned every week...
  14. Sourkey

    DS and his enemy, the mushroom

    @buttercup it turns out that we don't actually even know what level he's in! I assumed 1 since it's his first year of the provincial program, but I've learned that they will let us know in a few weeks whether he'll be in 1 or 2. Apparently when he told me he has to be able to do 5, he meant by...
  15. Sourkey

    DS and his enemy, the mushroom

    (And based on what I'm learning here today our level 1 seems equivalent to your level 5)
  16. Sourkey

    DS and his enemy, the mushroom

    I think the routines must be somewhat similar but our first competitive level is level 1 and since there's an overlap in some levels with our American friends, I imagine it's possible to do some meets on both sides of the border.
  17. Sourkey

    DS and his enemy, the mushroom

    Yes we're in Ontario. I think he will be in L1. His group is provincial 1-3 and he has most of the 2 skills (I'm told) except for that darn mushroom. I didn't think the hours were unusual until others pointed it out. Overall from someone who has no gym background it seemed like a lot of hours...
  18. Sourkey

    DS and his enemy, the mushroom

    @lilmisssunshine - those hours are during the school year as well. When he first started, it was 12 hours starting in the summer and it continued into the school year. He had two weeks off at the beginning of July then started in his new level which requires 16 hours, even during school but...
  19. Sourkey

    DS and his enemy, the mushroom

    I can only go by what I've seen at his fun meets or the rare time I've had to stop by mid-practice for something. We aren't there for practices since the gym is just 5 minutes away from our house so I rarely know what he's working on unless he tells me. Because we have fewer levels, I think the...
  20. Sourkey

    DS and his enemy, the mushroom

    They do have a bucket and that's what he used quite a bit last year, but he said that they're not allowed to use it now that he's in the higher level. I don't know if this is actually true. Everything else comes very easily to him and he is very dedicated (he was the only kid last year who went...
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