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  1. Nightflare514

    i dont know what to do!!!??!

    Hey y'all! i haven't been on here in foreeverrrr! Hey to all the newbies i haven't met yet, hehe. :) okay, well my issue is, ever since i quit gymnastics, i've missed it sooooo much. i really want to go back, but there are some mental issues idk if im ready to handle or not and everything...
  2. Nightflare514

    Miley Cyrus What do y'all think about that? I'm 14 and even I think that's inappropriate. I know "teenagers will be teenagers" but still. I would never wear something like that, it's just disrespectful to yourself. Not to mention that dancing. Opinions?
  3. Nightflare514

    Hey guys--BIG FAVOR TO ASK Y'ALL!

    I haven't been on here in forever!!! feel free to move this thread if it's irrelevant. okay, so the deal basically is I'm making a new montage about how nastia liukin inspires other gymnasts not to give up, and I'm trying to get as many "non-famous" gymnasts involved with the montage as...
  4. Nightflare514

    *wanders out from under rock*

    Um. Okay. WOW. It's been FOREVER since I've been on here, lol. (: I've missed you peoples!! Crap thats happened since I last logged in: Out of my cast! Whopee! Turned 14. Double Whopee! Learned who my friends are, and who arent. Got a have y'all been?!
  5. Nightflare514

    Smelly gymnasts?

    Okay, when I was in training, there was a gynast that ALWAYS had BO. I don't know how to approach her and tell her, because sometimes I'll drop by the gym, and the stench is just kinda overwhelming because of how hard she works. I don't want her to be embarassed later on in life because of it...
  6. Nightflare514

    Sort of miss gym?

    So my broken foot was so severe that I had to quit gym, and I was semi-happy about that, due to I was burned out. But now, I kinda miss it. I'm not even sure. Maybe it's because I'm sitting around with nothing to do? When I start thinking about going back, I remember all the b d days I had...
  7. Nightflare514

    Got my cast off! :]

    I was crying during the whole thing because I was terrified of the saw, but wow, so worth it. My foot was so hairy. :-P I never knew my Achilles would be this sore! It was like once I got out of the cast It was "OH AH OW EE". I guess when ya don't use something it tightens up.
  8. Nightflare514

    The Gymnastics skating spectacular thingy.

    I know this is late, but whatevs, haha! Shawns Floor costume = Ugly. lol, what was with the feathers on the bottom? Nastia being carried everywhere by skaters was uber-cute. And she's gained a little bit of weight and doesn't look bone thin anymore. She looks realllly good. Samantha &...
  9. Nightflare514

    Beam Dismount + Broken Foot + Not Healing Right=Done with gym and a bright red cast!

    Gah! Sorry for not being on here in a bit. I've been busy with home-schooling and all that jazz. So, I'm done with gymnastics again. I was going to stop in March. I broke my foot flipping a beam dismount. Just a simple cartwheel, back-tuck! Why couldn't it have been a triple-duple-front-pike...
  10. Nightflare514

    Bridget Sloan...

    As reported by, Bridget Sloan performed a triple, Yes I said TRIPLE front full at the recent training camp 2 weekends ago. I talked to her and she wouldn't tell me anything about it...BOO. lol. But she got her Olympic Necklace!
  11. Nightflare514

    Ener-G Gym Rockets Trouble?!

    I can do all the other events fine, but I have a couple questions for anyone out there who has the answers! Vault: In Tammy's Total Training it says one of the event requirements is to perform a 'Leap' on Vault! Any ideas on how to do this? lol I've been having major issues with bars..I draw...
  12. Nightflare514

    Your Dream Podium.

    Post your dream podium!! Mine is: AA Memmel (I want her to go out on top!) Liukin Pavlova VT Pavlova Chusovitna (That 35-year-old lady.) Bross. (If she's a vaulter.) UB Liukin Memmel Either Tweddle or Semenova or Shapiro. BB Liukin Pavlova Memmel FX Pavlova Liukin Memmel Hehe. I...
  13. Nightflare514

    New Gymn Avatars website up!

    I've created the Gymnastics Avatars site, and I named it 'Olympic Avatars'. If you'd like to help out, just private message me! :)
  14. Nightflare514

    Gymnastics Avatar Website?

    Well, I've noticed most people use the pre-made avatars for the Chalkbucket, and I usually make avatars. Would y'all like me to make a Freewebs website with lots of avatar choices on it for you guys (and girls) to use? Sample work...
  15. Nightflare514

    Amazing montage by The Chalkbucketer's own CCCam.

    Just watch. go here: Made by CCCam: YouTube - cccam's Channel Beeyootiful!
  16. Nightflare514

    Nastia Liukin LANDS her quad twist!

    I found this in my computer..I also uploaded it to Youtube..why she never used it to upgrade her A score..the world may never know! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  17. Nightflare514

    First meet of the season!

    I competed all events, the Coach lied to me, and told me to compete all 4 at the last minute, which is a subject to get into later! Results: Vault: 8.550 [4th Place] (Pretty good for me.) Bars: 7.300 [5th Place] (Had a terrible warm-up, crying throughout the whole thing, my hands felt like...
  18. Nightflare514

    Charleston Cup?

    Anyone going/bringing their DD's there? If so, I will be there watching/cheering for my teammates. I can't compete, so I'll just observe, lol.
  19. Nightflare514

    Songs that you actually like.

    We've got threads about songs/people we don't particularly care for, but how about a thread about songs we love? :) I love 'Butterfly Kisses'. And 'Who Knew' by P!nk. Also, 'Supergirl' by Saving Jane. (Tehe, I've used those in montages!)
  20. Nightflare514

    First meet of the season tomorrow.

    This will be my first Level 7 meet, and I was wondering if I could get some 'Good Luck' so I won't be so nervous? I'm only competing floor and vault, so that's good. No worries over Beam. I'm not sure if Gymnasts are allowed to request fairies or if that's just the parents (Still fairly new...
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