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    For Parents 1st Yurchenko

    Found a new gym. And daughter did her 1st Yurchenko last night. I couldn't believe it. She was so happy, this place is going to be great for her. Still working on basic form issues but this coach after watching her has her training in a group of 7's training 8. She is so tiny (remember she's 7)...
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    ? Cannot read previously posted thread

    Was able to read the thread I posted all the way up until last night the when trying to read this morning I got a message reading "system message-you may not have permission to do this action". ??? I'm able to read everything else on the site and reply to everything else.
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    Can all of us take a moment weather we are religious or not to have a moment of silence and prayer for those so horribly affected by today's tornado. I hope none of our CB family is not part of this devastating event, if so my heart goes out to each and every one of you! May god be with each...
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    For Parents Happy Mothers Day!

    Happy Mother's Day to all of those who are always there. The moms who wake up early and go to bed late just to make sure our kids have clean clothes, hot meals, nice lunches. Those moms who comfort when we see tears of pain or frustration yet push when we need to get them to get over that mental...
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    Have to brag! Up training paying off!!!

    Most of the time sitting in the gym, as many of you know, is hours and hours of conditioning and frustration followed by that lightbulb that goes off when you least expect it. Well tonight was my daughters lightbulb moment :) During her 5 hour training she seemed to pull off a standing back tuck...
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    She's made for Optionals not Compulsory

    Maybe some coaches can answer this question for me. I have heard or read this several times either from a parent or a coach referring to a gymnast, they say (referring to a compulsory gymnast) she is not a compulsory type gymnast but more of an optionals gymnast. I don't quite understand that...
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    Vault running

    My daughter is a young level 7, she is on the younger side of 7 years old. She is just starting to train this level and when she trains vault her coaches and us notice that when she runs she's fast until about her last 4-5 steps prior to the spring board, where she is then shuffle stepping then...
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    Posting in the Parent Forum

    I was reading a few posts in the parent forum and wanted to comment, however, could not find a way to leave a comment. I am using my iPhone. Can anyone help with this???
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    New to CB

    I too like many am new to this great community of people who love and live this sport. I came across CB by accident but glad I did. My DD is a young 7 year old who is training half her day at level 6 and the other half at level 7. She trains an average of 24-25 hours a week. I sometimes cannot...
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