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  1. ellzgym

    new! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Ellen singing Count ON Me by Bruno Mars - YouTube hey people :P here is my new youtube video! please watch and share around! i'd love to hear what you think! :) xx
  2. ellzgym

    gymnast :)

    hello everyone, i'm a gymnast! and i posted this video on youtube that i thought you might all like to see! heres the link: YouTube - Ellen singing Heal The World by Michael Jackson i hope that you can watch and enjoy it! xx
  3. ellzgym

    What does DD, DS and DG mean?

    I've seen it in basically every thread, the only thing I can come up with is: DD - determined daughter DS - determined son DG - determined gymnast Thanks! Is that what it means?
  4. ellzgym

    Round off back handspring!!

    Hey, I was at gymnastics yesterday and I can do a round off back handspring again! Because I broke my arm doing a standing back handspring about 4 months ago and I couldn't do it or anything else for another 3 months and I just got back into gymnastics about a month ago and I have all of my...
  5. ellzgym

    Mental Block with Back walkovers

    Hi, at the moment I am learning front walkovers on the beam, I really want to learn back walkovers too though. I used to be able to do back walkover on the high beam but then they started to get really dangerous, I was twisting as I was going back and had to bail out of every one. And the...
  6. ellzgym

    Acro skills on beam

    Hi, at the moment I am learning front walkovers on beam, I can basically do them on the high beam but I'm still getting the right technique. I'm also learning round offs. I want to start learning front handsprings soon after I finish learning round offs and front walkovers. When I learn front...
  7. ellzgym

    Speeding up my tumbling lines

    I got told at gymnastics yesterday that my round off flip sault is not fast or high enough. I can successfully do it and not fall but its really slow and to learn other tumbles from this base tumble I need to speed it up. Its not just with back tumbling though its with front tumbling too, I am...
  8. ellzgym

    Having problems scoring high at meets..

    I think the best score that I have gotten at a meet was 8.35 and that was on vault. I have NEVER gotten a place in a meet. I get told that I did good but I know that I didn't. Here is a video of me: YouTube - Ellen's Level 4 Floor at Judges Invitational 2009 that is from a meet that I had...
  9. ellzgym

    Skills you want to learn

    Hey I was bored so I thought that we should list some skills we want to learn by the end of February and the end of March. February... Vault: - Handspring Bars: - Glide kip - Long kip - Pike over the low bar to catch the high bar - Tuck flyaway - Layout flyaway Beam: - Back walkover - Cartwheel...
  10. ellzgym


    Hi, I thought that I would make a new thread about goals. Just copy out the thing below except with your answers: Age: 13 Level: 6 Ultimate goals this year for... (can be more than one thing) Vault: Perfect front handspring Bars: Layout flyaway Beam: Cartwheel backsault Floor...
  11. ellzgym


    Hey I am a 13 year old Level 5 gymnast. Just wondering if you could give me some conditioning things that I could do at home to increase my strength! Any replies will be well appreciated!!
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