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    For Parents They made her quit.. :(

    They told her to find another gym when her Mom is one of the coaches? That makes no sense.
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    Rotations in classes...

    They should be working on all the events. You really haven't seen a bar or vault rotation in months? How many months? Before you answer, 1 month is too many. WHy did you switch gyms?
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    For Parents Why move fast through levels if not going elite?

    I'm curious, is it the Mother of the 4 1/2 year old who is talking about her daughter going elite?
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    Lowest Score ever?!

    I agree with this as well, I think it's just as silly to watch a 3rd year level 5 getting 38s. I mean COME ON!!! Where's the challenge in that? I also believe in challenging the girls,my daughter would bored out of her skull if she was doing the same thing every day. She loves to learn new...
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    Lowest Score ever?!

    I would definitely not pull my kid out because of a low score, I think my point is being misunderstood. I think too often parents put TOO much pressure on their kids to move up too fast. I think parents put too much pressure on the coaches to move their kids up. I can't imagine it's all that fun...
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    Lowest Score ever?!

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    Lowest Score ever?!

    A '1' is more than a fall or a few missed elements. As far as I'm concerned there is absolutely no reason for that, and the coach should be mortified.
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    Lowest Score ever?!

    I'm not talking about the kids, I'm tallking about the coaches. It's wrong to send kids out there to get those kinds of scores and I see too much of that kind of stuff at meets. A '1' at level 6 bars? Come on, that's just plain ridiculous, she obviously had no business doing level 6 if she's...
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    Lowest Score ever?!

    1's and 4's? Seriously if kids are getting scores like that, they obviously have no business doing that level. What is the point of that? Other than embarrassing the kids I have no idea why the coaches would put the kids through that. I can't imagine it's all that fun to go to a meet and get a...
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    gym clean-up

    That is definitely the gym owner's responsibility, why would you consider paying ANYTHING to have that done? Or take part in doing it yourselves? If you pay tuition, your children should have a decent, clean, safe gym to work out in, period.
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    Pain tolerance!

    My advice, go a little slower. When doing your splits, go down a as far as you can, then go down a little further, hold for a count of 10. Do this everyday. Eventually it won't hurt. DO NOT try to go all the way down in one day, I guarantee you'll end up hurting yourself.
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    Need help with back handspring

    I suggest you take a gymnastics class to teach you how to do a backhandspring. This really sounds like a broken arm looking for a place to happen.
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    For Parents Do you think parents can be to pushy!

    The short answer? Yes, and it's too bad that they don't bother to notice that their kids don't even enjoy it anymore.
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    For Parents What to do?

    Nationals for Level 3 and Pre Level 4? Seriously?
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    How do you foster a good relationship w coach

    I'm curious, if you think you were kicked out for asking questions, what questions were you asking?
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    For Parents Update on Gym looking!!

    What exactly is 'petite elites'?
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    What did she do wrong?

    I'm wondering where her 'series' was.
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    For Parents Hours in the gym?

    That's sad.
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    For Parents Parental Incentives

    I don't see anything wrong with taking a little one to get ice cream after her first BHS. What I think is wrong is the parents telling the little girl that she can't have an ice cream UNTIL she performs the trick. That's just wrong. Why do the parents not see the problem with that? Why do they...
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    For Parents Parents Expectations

    It's not too much to ask for them to give you a clue. I think it's sad that's there's so little communication that you and your daughter have to sit in wonder at what's going on.
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