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    For Parents Can we talk about IG Brand Ambassadors?

    I agree. Rhe problem with these accounts with large followers, the parents have bought the followers. There are creepers, bots, many inactive accounts and a ton of grown men and inappropriate accounts. These are not genuine followers and obviously these accounts (which makes us a large percent...
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    For Parents Leotard Companies

    My daughters favorites are GK and Plum. Not all GK she loves as we have noticed over the years they use different fabrics. Some are soft, some are not. She does love the soft GK leos. Plum is super soft but usually tight around the armpit area. Both can be pricey. We are waiting to try a new leo...
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    For Parents Leotard Companies

    I will have to check those out! I have never heard of those brands and my daughter has been in gymnastics for 7 years I am always looking for good quality and reasonably priced leos.
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    For Parents Leotard Companies

    Started this thread to discuss the good and bad regarding leo companies. What are your favorite brands and why? Complaints and why? New companies? Trusted companies? Best quality? Share your thoughts for new parents and help them decide what to buy.
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