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  1. claudidoll

    Anyone headed to gymnix

    Found out goose is going to gymnix this year would love to keep an eye out for other chalk bucket gymmies
  2. claudidoll

    Full Time Opportunity In Newfoundland Canada

    Full time positions in beautiful new facility on the east coast of Canada
  3. claudidoll

    For Parents Gastro on meet day

    so my older girly was finally going to do level 5 for the last meet of the season and yesterday morning she woke up with gastro So no competition for her, she was heart broken all she wanted all season was to prove she could do 5. Any suggestions on something special I could do to cheer her...
  4. claudidoll

    Level 4 bars question

    My daughter often shifts her position after her first tap swing on the high bar, she claims there isn’t a deduction for that but I’m curious. I can post a video if that would help
  5. claudidoll

    For Parents Trying not to be an annoying parent

    If I email head coach and don’t get a response how long should I wait before sending another message? I feel like a week is plenty of time to wait but I don’t want to be annoying
  6. claudidoll

    Changes to JO

    So has anyone heard that level requirements are changing? I'm curious if it's an across the board change or just a change in the requirements at my daughters gym.
  7. claudidoll

    For Parents Younger DD got an invite

    So looks like we are about to have two kids on team :) younger dd 5 will start pre team this fall, she's so excited to do "real" gym with her big sister
  8. claudidoll

    For Parents Alta Super Camp Update

    My gymie had an amazing time at camp this week. The coaching was great! Lots of experience, 8 Olympic athletes and a couple of NCAA athletes. Everyone was super encouraging and positive. It was such a great experience for my girl and the perfect reward for working through her anxiety this...
  9. claudidoll

    For Parents Proud Mama

    Girly finds change and unknowns pretty difficult. This week she's participating in a team camp, Coaches and kids from Scotland are visiting. This morning she went in no trouble, even though she was nervous and her tummy hurt. I was confidant she was ok and I left the gym 15 min into her 5 hour...
  10. claudidoll

    Alta camp

    Hey there dd is headed to Alta this summer, wondering if anyone's gymnast has gone and what to expect ?
  11. claudidoll

    For Parents Daughter doesn't want to quit...

    DD loves gym, breaks down at the thought quitting but is terrified of a couple of coaches at our gym. She just can't get past the door. I'm at a loss
  12. claudidoll

    Vote for Rosie :)

    The national post has a pole for who should be the flag bearer for Rio :)
  13. claudidoll

    Gym Momentum Camp

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how this camp would be fit a 7/8 year old training level 4/5 skills? Trying to decide if the cost/benefit is worth it...
  14. claudidoll

    Artistry Sessions

    Any idea if these are worth it for younger lower level compulsory kids? Would a 7 year old really get anything out of 90 min
  15. claudidoll

    For Parents Scores not matching awards

    Hey all does it happen often that scores don't match awards? My DD had her first meet last weekend and got 4 silvers and a 5th on beam ( she fell) Our gym posted the scores and according to that she would have gotten gold on bars She is young (7) and it was my understanding that they were not...
  16. claudidoll

    For Parents They Rang the Bell

    At practice today my daughters training group rang the bell for her :) She got to show off her back walk over. It was do cute how all of the girls were do excited ! It's the first time they've gotten to ring the bell in their group. Very proud mama here
  17. claudidoll

    For Parents Motion wear sizing

    Hey all Just wondering if anyone knows how Motionwear compares to gk for sizing? Our clubs summer training suits are coming from Motionwear and I was thinking of going with the cm.... DD wears cs or cm in Gk
  18. claudidoll

    For Parents Gym Report Cards

    Do your gymmie's get progress reports? DD got her first one tonight, she was rated from 1-10 on things like flexibility ( splits, bridge etc) Strength ( upper/lower/core) Skill progression (vault/beam/bars/floor) and Success Skills (attitude/work ethic/listening etc) I think she did well...
  19. claudidoll

    For Parents DD just turned 6

    My gymmie just had her 6 th birthday and her favourite gift was a pull up bar. Am I the only one who thinks this is a little funny? It's great but I can't help but giggle a little
  20. claudidoll

    For Parents First Beam Bite

    My DD (6) got her first beam bite at training tonight. She got right back up on the beam and then had a bit of ice. She was do proud to be the first one in her group to get that badge of honour ;) She says she 'a a big girl Gymnast now
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