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  1. hsgymnast333

    Back Hip Circle and Sole-Circle Dismount Help

    Hi, I’m new to gymnastics (a few months in). I’m supposed to be competing bars tomorrow, and I’m really nervous. Today, I was trying to do back hip circle and I just kept stopping. I would just cast and not do it. I only did a few and I was on bars for two hours. Also, I can’t do a sole-circle...
  2. hsgymnast333

    Dropping chest in jumps

    I’ve tried to find other threads on this, but my search has been unsuccessful. I’m a high school gymnast, btw. Whenever I do jumps, I drop my chest A LOT. Especially in straddles and pikes. When I do a pike jump, my chest practically touches my knees. When I’m doing jumps I think about looking...
  3. hsgymnast333

    How to build arm and shoulder strength

    Hi. So I’m a high school gymnast and right now (since it’s the fall) is off-season. We compete in the winter and there’s summer gymnastics. Which means I’m not in the gym from August through October. I’ve been conditioning at home, but I haven’t been as consistent with it as I should be. I...
  4. hsgymnast333

    Full Turn Direction

    Hey, I’m sure no one cares anymore but I just wanted to update. As soon as I started turning the correct way (on my left foot to the left) they’re so much easier. At this point, I have my full turn on beam and a double on floor. Thanks for the help everyone! (I did high school gymnastics in the...
  5. hsgymnast333

    Full Turn Direction

    Hi, I’m fairly new to gymnastics and am self taught until I can join a gym (next winter). I thought my full turns were good, until I realized I was turning the wrong way! I always put my right foot in front and turn to the left. Is it okay if I do this, or do I have to have my left foot in front...
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