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  1. M2Abi

    Meets this year

    Agree with above poster. My daughter just wants to compete. Her last two seasons were not that great due to injuries.
  2. M2Abi

    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    Our district has been doing hybrid for over a month without any issues and plans to go to full time in person learning for elementary within the next month.
  3. M2Abi

    Vaccine release in Nov
  4. M2Abi

    For Parents Level 8 skills

    Correct. The 2nd flight element has to start and end on the beam so a back tuck or front tuck dismount wouldn't meet the requirement. My daughter's plan for Level 8 for floor passes is front tuck- front tuck, RO BHS layout, and RO BHS full. For beam flight elements- BHS-BHS series, and round...
  5. M2Abi

    Vaccine release in Nov

    Transverse myelitis is a previously documented vaccine reaction. While no one could ever prove whether or not this specific case was a direct result of the vaccine, it is cause for concern.
  6. M2Abi

    Vaccine release in Nov

    It was transverse myelitis, so a very serious adverse reaction.
  7. M2Abi

    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    The school my daughter went to last year has been open for 3 weeks, hybrid schedule, and a staff member tested positive, so the entire 8th grade is quarantined for two weeks and all learning is online for that time. It confirmed that for us, homeschooling this year is the right decision. I...
  8. M2Abi

    Does Your Gym Require GYMNASTS to Wear Masks?

    Due to state mandate for masks in all indoor places, they are required to wear masks in the gym. They are allowed to take them off for specific flipping skills where the coaches deem them to be a hazard.
  9. M2Abi

    For Parents Email from USAG this morning (Webinar: Tough Coaching vs. Emotional Abuse)

    I got the email. I didn't watch the webinar, but I'm glad that they're putting it out there.
  10. M2Abi

    Vaccine release in Nov

    It is an mRNA vaccine, which is a new type of vaccine, and no one will know what the long term side effects are. I am no more afraid of getting COVID 19 than any other virus, so it doesn't matter to me whether other people get the vaccine or not. I will be furious if they require a COVID19...
  11. M2Abi

    For Parents Why are you still in gymnastics?

    I am very happy with where my daughter is currently. She loves her coaches, the gym owners, her teammates, etc. If I thought my daughter was in an abusive environment, I would absolutely leave the gym, and possibly the sport.
  12. M2Abi

    For Parents How long would you wait?

    Agreed that the wrong city thing could easily happen. I know of a few places locally where the address is different than the actual municipality. I would be looking for other gym options just in case.
  13. M2Abi

    Easing back slowly

    We were out for 2 months and for the first week or two, they took things pretty slowly. After that, they've returned to normal. Not everyone has gotten all their skills back but they are training them and training for the next level also. (Level 7/8)
  14. M2Abi

    For Parents Homeschooling 1st and 2nd Graders- Recommendations

    For early elementary I focused on math, reading, and handwriting for curriculum. We used Singapore Math, Explode the Code workbooks, and Handwriting Without Tears. For other subjects, we just read a lot of books from the library based on their interests.
  15. M2Abi

    School in 2020/2021

    My daughter's school district chose the hybrid option, 2 days in person, then remote learning other days by screen. I pulled her to homeschool. I've homeschooled her in the past so it's not something new I need to figure out. She needs a lot of interaction in order to actually learn anything...
  16. M2Abi

    For Parents Are you happy with the USAG response to Covid?

    I don't know that I would expect USAG to have an "appropriate" response for a pandemic. They're an athletic organization, not a health organization. They communicated what they could. They have no idea what will or won't be able to happen this season.
  17. M2Abi

    Any other gymnasts having a really tough time getting back to where they were?

    My daughter has been back at gym for 2 1/2 months. She just got her kip cast handstand back. She regained her beam and floor skills fairly quickly, but bars has been a struggle. And she did all the recommended conditioning when they were out of the gym.
  18. M2Abi

    School in 2020/2021

    My daughter goes to a charter school and they have a plan for in person full time, hybrid, and remote learning, depending on what the governor and public health allow. They have contingency plans for quarantine, which will be determined on an individual basis by the health department. Parents...
  19. M2Abi

    Controversial view on gymnastics in a pandemic

    I don't know about the gym as a whole, but in my daughter's gymnastics level everyone came back as soon as the gym was open. My son does karate and very few people have come back to in person classes (they have zoom also). There is also the difference of competitive versus rec, there is a lot...
  20. M2Abi

    Does anyone know of new outbreaks at gyms?

    My daughter has been back at gym for over 6 weeks. No issues at all.
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