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    For Parents What do parents want in a coach?

    I want a coach that is more concerned about the mental well being of my daughter than the competions won. I want a coach that will work with my daughter to help her grow her skills and knowledge of the sport in a healthy manner while also having fun.
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    For Parents Asked to Join Level 1 at age 4

    My daughter is 6 and has been in the gym since "mommy and me" classes at 2. Our gym doesn't compete until level 4. I have always been happy with that. I believe that my daughter was not developmentally ready for competing before now, I think 7 is a better age for us to consider competing...
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    For Parents Can we talk about IG Brand Ambassadors?

    My daughter has done some modeling totally unrelated to gymnastics. She has an agent and has done a few jobs. We live in a small market for that type of thing so nothing too big. I have learned from our limited experience that agents and casting directors don't look too kindly at brand reps and...
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    For Parents What do You Wish You had Known?

    A lot of you seem to be somewhat bitter about your child's time in the sport. is it really THAT bad? A lot of these replies seem to be insinuating that I should run while I still have a chance. I knew I would get the good the bad and the ugly but some of you seem to only have bad things to say...
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    For Parents What do You Wish You had Known?

    Not really the encouragement I was hoping for but thank you for your honesty! :)
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    For Parents What do You Wish You had Known?

    My Daughter is 5 and has been at the same gym since "mommy and me" class at 2. We LOVE our gym and our coaches. She is currently in an "advanced preschool" rec class that meets once a week and does one on one lessons once a week. I think her coaches are planning to put her on the team or preteam...
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    For Parents What Age Should This Get More Serious?

    My daughter turns 5 in about 2 weeks. She has been at the same gym since "mommy & me" at 2 years old. Her coaches have always said they see potential in her. She loves it and it seems to come fairly naturally to her. I am so confused about the levels and ages and competing. Could you all kind of...
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    For Parents New to Gymnastics (toddler)

    Thanks Ladies! I actually get to go tonight so I will get to experience it first hand for the first time. She LOVES it and is always doing handstands against the wall (walking her feet up), forwards rolls, table tops and all her other "skills" at home. Her coach as already told my sister that...
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    For Parents New to Gymnastics (toddler)

    Hi - I'm new here and to the world of gymnastics. I know my daughter is very young and things could change a lot quickly but I thought I'd get some advice from you experienced parents. My daughter turned two in January and has been taking two "mommy & me" classes a week. (She takes two...
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