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  1. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Keeping up with flexibility?

    So, as most of you probably know, I stopped gymnastics about 2 months ago. So far, I have the same amount of flexibility (and even increased pike from diving!) but I'm worried that it will decrease. Any ideas for keeping it up? I thought it would be cool to join a contortion class, but those are...
  2. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Gymnastics meets pole vaulting!

    Saw this cool video, thought I'd share
  3. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Quitting Gymnastics to do Pole vaulting ? :(

    I am thinking about making a difficult decision. Let me give you the background. I'm a freshman in high school. I do xcel gymnastics. I love it, and I could compete level 7-8 if I were in JO. I placed 2nd all around in region 6 as platinum. But there is no way that I could do this for college...
  4. Sarah_the_gymnast

    What happened with Jordan Chiles?

    Specifically this: What was it valued at?????
  5. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Question about the Xcel COP vs the JO COP

    So in the online COP it says diamond gymnasts may compete a D skill. However, there are no D skills listed in the book. Can you just pick any D skill in the JO COP? Thanks
  6. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Cool video from Flogymnastics

    Check it out My favourites are the ones at 1:22 and 1:57
  7. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Ariels on beam

    I've been heading in the ariel direction for beam. I've been working my way up, but does anyone have hepful tips? I'm at a different gym for the summer, and they don't usually train ariels. I'm only going to be working on the low beams, but if you guys have done them, any tips would be great...
  8. Sarah_the_gymnast

    What would happen if she were to compete?

    I was surfing the web and came across this video She's so amazing! It must be tough to stay balanced with missing weight on half her body! And that flyaway. Wow! Just out of curiosity, if she were to compete, how would it work? Without a prothetic, like in the video. Maybe like this...
  9. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Would hair like this stay in well?

    Lucky me, my hair works very well in a bun. Long and blonde ;) My friend, however, has hair that will never stay in a bun, and she saw this. I thought I'd check with you guys. Will this stay in? Obviously, if she were to do it for a comp, a billion pins and hairspray, but even without that, do...
  10. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Really cool beam routine appreciation post

    creds to Rachel Borden, Legacy Elite I first saw this great routine, actually, in the fail video. (2:05) She also has, in addition to that amazing mount, some cool overpoint work and a sweet backwalkover.
  11. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Stupid Question? Why do they use ribbons on pointe shoes?

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but why do they use ribbons on pointe shoes, as opposed to like elastics or something? vs I guess my question is, why are they ribbons, as opposed to elastics - obviously the nike ones don't look like ballet shoes, but why do they use thin, stiff ribbons as...
  12. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Tips for getting both hands on the beam for a back handspring?

    So my back handspring on beam, as you can tell by the title, has a problem. My legs are straight, I have good height, I go straight - everything is good except for one thing. I can only get one hand on the beam. Because of this, I've been working on the low beam for a while, but while I've...
  13. Sarah_the_gymnast

    does start and end on the beam mean this?

    Could you do RO back tuck on the beam? and have it count for flight? Or does it not count? Thanks
  14. Sarah_the_gymnast

    What's regionals like?

    Soooooo...... I made my Korbut at states, and got personal bests on everything this season, with a 37.4 all around, and I made it to Region 6 Regionals! But... I've never been to Regionals. Can some on fill me in on what it's like / how it works? The people at the meet weren't very clear...
  15. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Reassuring idea about falling

    I don't know if this will help anybody, but I figured I might as well post it here just in case it does. Back story - When I used to fall, I'd basically give up on my routine. Now, my falls were always at the end of the routine, so it wasn't that big of a problem, but it would throw off the...
  16. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Help! is a popa a C or a D or a B

    Hi! Quick post I know a Popa is a C for JO, but what about for Xcel? I have states this week! Hurry :p
  17. Sarah_the_gymnast

    large team v small team size

    How big for each? is 6 small team?
  18. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Chen Flic

    --------------------------------------------- This is a r esource thread...please only post useful information...links...videos...etc. As useful info is will be copied into the first post of the thread. --------------------------------------------- A chen flic is a korbut where you...
  19. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Improvements on Front Front vault?

    Front front So, I've been uptraining w/ the table trainer. Keep in mind you can't block as much as on a real table, and you can't see them, but someone is holding the other side of the table to keep it from wobbling so much. Also, only 5th time doing one. ANYWAY So, because my teammates had...
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