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    I've been hearing rumors that USAG is thinking of discontinuing the TOPS program. Anyone else heard this??
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    For Parents Metroplex Challenge Elite Qualifier

    Lily competed in her first elite national qualifier where she achieved her score needed to officially qualify as a junior elite gymnast! Here is a link to her YouTube channel with her videos from that meet. Thank you to all who have followed her journey so far!
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    International Elite She did it....shameless mom brag

    Lily competed in her first elite national qualifier today and she achieved her goal. With a score of 52.7 she is officially a junior elite gymnast! Never been more proud of her. Can't wait to see what 2020 and beyond has in store for her!
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    Metroplex Meet

    Anyone attending the Metroplex meet next week?? It will be our first time attending this meet. Looking forward to the NCAA meet also!
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    For Parents And that’s a wrap on her 2019 season...

    Lily closed out her season by competing in the HOPES championship meet on Friday. She took home the gold on floor, bronze on vault and the silver in the all around with a 51.2. This year has been full of ups and downs. She started the season with the goal of qualifying junior elite but after not...
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    Good luck to all competing at the classic!

    Just want to wish good luck to all the gymnasts competing this week in salt lake city!! All sessions will be live streamed on YouTube. HOPES sessions are on Friday, juniors and seniors on Saturday.
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    International Elite Changes to next years elite calendar

    Heard from a reputable source that next years American classic will ne held much earlier in the year, either end of February or early March. Which means new junior elites that are also doing JO won't be able to compete at nationals if they compete at the classic meet.
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    American Classic location..

    American Classic location has finally been announced....salt lake city again!!!!
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    For Parents Haven't posted in awhile...update on Lily's season so far

    Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted here. Just wanted to let everyone know that Lily qualified for nationals again, we are so proud!! She is still in the Junior A age group, she competed in region 4 regionals and came away with the beam, floor and all around titles and placed 2nd on vault...
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    Classics locations still not announced!

    Getting really frustrated....they announced the location of championships months ago but nothing about where either classic is going to be held. The first one is in 3 months. Seems far away until you have to start planning flights, etc....impatient mom here.
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    New Goal....

    We are heading out early Thursday for our first ever visit to Texas for the Biles meet. Lily will be competing in the Friday elite qualifier. She and her coaches had a long talk after her last qualifier and they have decided to change her goal to HOPES instead of junior elite. She seems like a...
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    Lily's First Junior Elite Qualifier

    Definitely did not go the way we had hoped. Started on bars and I knew as soon as she started that this wasn't going to be a great meet. She ended with an AA of 46.050, she needed a 50.5 to advance. Luckily she will be able to try again in two weeks at the Biles meet in Texas.
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    8th Grader Verbally Committed Today. Class of 2023

    An 8th grader that goes to a gym in our area just verbally committed to Auburn, class of 2023. My daughter is class of 2024...I'm so not ready for this, nor is she.
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    Upgrades for Junior Elite

    I've been trying not to overshare on here too much lately but I just have to share some new skills that Lily got this week. She leaves in 2 weeks for her first ever camp (devo camp). She will be competing level 10 again next year (probably her last year doing JO) and will also be trying to...
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    TOPS / Hopes TOPS/HOPES Coach of the Year

    I didn't even know that this was a thing but one of Lily's coaches was just named the TOPS/HOPES Coach of the Year for 2017-2018! The USECA (United States Elite Coaches Association) names 2 coaches of the year each year, one for TOPS/HOPES and one for Elite. This is pretty amazing considering...
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    International Elite Mary Lee Tracy Named New Elite Development Coordinator

    It was just announced today that Mary Lee Tracy has been named the new Elite Development Coordinator. The program will be in great hands with Mary Lee and Tom!!!
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    Junior Olympic No More Super 8 for Region 4

    I was so sad to learn that region 4 will no longer be doing the super 8 teams for regionals. The top 8 level 8 gymnasts (regardless of age) would be named to the super 8 team where they would compete as a state against the other region 4 state's super 8 teams. Lily was on it when she was a level...
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    International Elite An interesting article on what it takes to make the national team

    I found this article really interesting. It shows a breakdown of just how many girls attempt to qualify elite and how many actually end up being named to the national team.
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    TOPS / Hopes TOPS National Testing Open to Parents

    TOPS National Testing can now be watched by the parents. Parents were never allowed to watch when it was held at the ranch. I'm wondering if this means parents will be able to watch invite and devo camps as well?? Not holding my breath on that one though.
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    International Elite Temporary training facility announced

    Just saw this posted on a Facebook group that the new location will be at EVO in Florida.
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