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  1. hsgymnast333

    Back Hip Circle and Sole-Circle Dismount Help

    Hi, I’m new to gymnastics (a few months in). I’m supposed to be competing bars tomorrow, and I’m really nervous. Today, I was trying to do back hip circle and I just kept stopping. I would just cast and not do it. I only did a few and I was on bars for two hours. Also, I can’t do a sole-circle...
  2. hsgymnast333

    Dropping chest in jumps

    I’ve tried to find other threads on this, but my search has been unsuccessful. I’m a high school gymnast, btw. Whenever I do jumps, I drop my chest A LOT. Especially in straddles and pikes. When I do a pike jump, my chest practically touches my knees. When I’m doing jumps I think about looking...
  3. hsgymnast333

    How to build arm and shoulder strength

    Hi. So I’m a high school gymnast and right now (since it’s the fall) is off-season. We compete in the winter and there’s summer gymnastics. Which means I’m not in the gym from August through October. I’ve been conditioning at home, but I haven’t been as consistent with it as I should be. I...
  4. hsgymnast333

    Full Turn Direction

    Hi, I’m fairly new to gymnastics and am self taught until I can join a gym (next winter). I thought my full turns were good, until I realized I was turning the wrong way! I always put my right foot in front and turn to the left. Is it okay if I do this, or do I have to have my left foot in front...
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