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    For Coaches Im still baffled

    Ok Coaches ..Ive seen some talented kiddos and some kids that just work plan hard however ,today was a first for me.. We had a tryout for preteam with the pre team coach.. Our preteamers are on average 6-8yrs old. This child was 4 and didnt even look that. We dont really allow 4 yrolds in...
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    Gymnast leaving from a coaches perspective

    Last night my best gymnast left.. It wasnt a bad scene or a year of arguing or disagreements.. In fact her parents are great and have always been supportive of the program. They never sat in the gym or hounded us in any way. They had nothing bad to say and were emotional as well. I see alot of...
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    Living in one state competing for another

    Ok heres a question that I have had asked of me .. Though I have a call in to usag and several others I was just wondering if anyone had an answer. I do not want to give a parent a wrong answer and personally feel state 1 has plenty of good gyms There are gymnasts living in one state and...
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    Any recent updates on Mattie, Ivan or Jana

    Has anyone heard anything about Mattie Larsen, Ivana Hong,or Jana Bieger.. I have not read anything about them in awhile. Are they still training and continuing in the sport?
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    OK I think Ive lost my mind! i have never done this

    My higher levels have been working so hard. Unfortunately theres a Lot of coughing, running noses ,tiredness and soreness going on with missing some practices.. The gym is closed on Halloween this Friday so I told them to take Saturday off as well to regroup , rest have family time and come back...
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    When does everyones meet season start?

    WHEN DOES EVERYONES MEET SEASON START??? It seems depending on the area people have different seasons. We do 1 season that starts now in Fall with state meets in the spring. Most of our team seems very anxious to start this year and are counting down the days.
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    For Parents Is no meet preparation ok?

    Why is this ok?? I see many parents concerns and questions here and wonder how some would feel about this. I dont advocate complaining but to me this is a big concern. I took 1 level 6 to a meet yesterday to score out.( She actually won the All around) The session included levels 4-6. There...
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    For Coaches Handling difficult parents

    How do coaches handle the "know it all moms". After all my years coaching this is still one area that occasionally gets to me. Dont get me wrong I love and encourage parents involvement and communication but, occasionally you get that one that starts every sentence with,"I have been at 5 gyms...
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    Floor music

    Anyone know what Ivanas floor music is called??? I noticed Mattie Larsen used a different version if it. Daria jouras uses it as well.
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