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  1. rutterja

    Pick Your Gymnastics Dream Team?

    Women's: Vanessa Atler Kim Zmeskal Svetlana Khorkina Alicia Sacramone Shannon Miller Mo Huilan Dominique Moceanu
  2. rutterja

    Shawn Johnson - 2007 US National Champion

    Olympic Trials are in June 2008, two weeks after the National Championships. I can't wait!!!!
  3. rutterja

    world championship women interviews

    Check out the USA Gymnastics page (link below). They did interviews with the Super Seven from the World Championships. Enjoy!:D
  4. rutterja

    Dominque Moceanu

    her website is
  5. rutterja

    Dominque Moceanu

    Dominique's Website Actually her website is up to date. It has all sorts of interesting information on there. The biggest informatin is that she is pregnant with her first child, due in January. She has pictures up on her site and keeps in touch with gymnastics. There is also a section where...
  6. rutterja

    Svetlana Khorkina

    What were her comments?
  7. rutterja

    Favorite Current US Gymnast!

    I thought it would be fun to name our #1 US gymnast, Senior and Junior. The only requirement is that they currently have to be on the National Team. My #1 Senior: Alicia Sacramone My #1 Junior: Sam Shapiro
  8. rutterja

    Name Your Favorites for the 2008 USA Olympics Women Or Men's Team

    My 2008 Team What a great thread! Alicia Sacramone (she is a must! If only she could get a bar routine, she would be a great all arounder) Shayla Worley Shawn Johnson Nastia Liukin Chelsie Memmel Jana Bieger I wish Tessa Pama were an option but with her injuries and lack of international...
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