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  1. backflipruby

    Ideas for level 8 beam series???

    Hey Jaden - I have the same problem with the back and shoulder flex it's really inconvenient isn't it!? Could you do back tuck back pike?
  2. backflipruby

    Thoughts on Svetlana Khorkina interview? Has anyone else heard about Khorkina's opinion on the abuse scandals? I can't believe how closed-minded and ignorant she sounded. And to put the blame on the athletes by saying "I guess she wants fame...
  3. backflipruby

    Back Walkover Backhandspring on beam

    I'd ask the coach about it, whether there is a reason she must do the bwo bhs. The bwo bhs can be harder if its slow as there is more time to pull out of the connection especially with a mental block. A reason might be that the coach thinks the bhs bhs will be deducted more or is less...
  4. backflipruby

    Gymnast wrist - what's next?

    I have ulna impaction syndrome... my ulna bone is longer than my radius in both my wrists and causes pain on impact because the ulna bone pushes on the carpal bones in the wrist. I was diagnosed with this about two years ago and was told by two doctors I could either quit or have surgery to...
  5. backflipruby

    For Parents does brand Panel Mat matter much?

    I have a gymnastics panel mat and an IKEA panel mat, and in my opinion, the IKEA one is much better and it was only $30. In my experience the more expensive ones aren't always better!
  6. backflipruby

    Forster bar

    Definitely a great tool for bars development, but she must be very squeezed and in good shape otherwise most of the drills won't work.
  7. backflipruby

    Back tuck fear

    Hey, Do you have a coach to spot you and tell you when you're ready to try on the ground? They can be pretty dangerous if you just chuck them, so make sure you're up to it. Things that can help you when you're ready are leg strength and power exercises, lots of jumps, and then starting from a...
  8. backflipruby

    Frequency of Drills

    I agree, most drills need to be practiced before the skill so the gymnast can gain some preparation and muscle memory before going into the actual skill. If you've been doing the drill for a while and it is a relatively low difficulty skill and the gymnast can do the drill easily then you could...
  9. backflipruby

    landing problems on double backs

    You need to be very careful with double backs, as there is a high chance of injuring your head/neck if a gymnast isn't ready. If your gymnast is saying she doesn't know where she is in the air, then she might need some more aerial awareness training. Things like connecting backtucks and front...
  10. backflipruby

    Back Walkover Backhandspring on beam

    Drill it on a floor line ten times in a row, then move to a low beam and do it another ten times, and get your coach to spot if that helps. Then when you feel comfortable move to a higher beam with mats, then take them off etc. If you find yourself scared at one stage just go back to the lower...
  11. backflipruby

    Backward roll to handstand issues

    Hey, my experience with backward rolls to handstands is that you need a solid backwards roll with straight arms first. Once you have that, try to backwards roll with straight arms up to different heights, and add a height to progress until you are at handstand. (eg. bwd roll and finish with legs...
  12. backflipruby

    Trouble Kicking Over From Backbend

    Think about pushing your armpits forward over your hands and start on a block and work down to the floor. Good luck!
  13. backflipruby

    Shifting wrists in free hips?

    Oh my gosh I have been having the same problem!! Except I have been struggling with this skill for like three years now One thing my coach and I tried the other day was doing sole circles (that’s what we call them at our gym, I think other people called them different things though. When you...
  14. backflipruby

    Back Handspring On Beam Mental Block

    Hi! I had a similar problem with my backsault on beam a while ago and it got worse and worse until I couldn't even do it on a low beam with a mat. It took me a few months be able to do it again but some of the ways I got over my mental block was by just doing repetitions on a floor line to build...
  15. backflipruby

    Conditioning in plaster !!

    Hey guys! I recently had surgery on a dislocated toe that wouldn't go back in, but now I'm on crutches and in plaster for a while. Does anyone have any ideas of conditioning exercises I could do so when I'm plaster-free I won't be too far behind? Thanks :)
  16. backflipruby

    Injury rant

    I know it's frustrating, but just try and keep a cool head and work through what you can do. Lots of conditioning, rehab exercises, active flex will all help with getting back into after you've been out of full training for a while.
  17. backflipruby

    Advice for an older gymnast

    I don't think age should really matter in gymnastics. If they want to do it; what's stopping them? I just competed against a 40 year old doing level 8 and she won floor. She was truly inspirational.
  18. backflipruby

    Being a One-Handed Gymnast

    Thanks, already follow her!
  19. backflipruby

    Being a One-Handed Gymnast

    THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU! It's been really hard to find videos of one-handed gymnasts but this is really inspirational! :)
  20. backflipruby

    Being a One-Handed Gymnast

    I have been to see wrist specialists and sports physios to talk about this, and I am going to speak with a surgeon soon, but everyone I have talked to are not encouraging me to go down that path just yet, because while I'm still growing they have to interfere with the growth plate, and it's...
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