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    For Parents College

    What level is your daughter? and what grade may I ask?
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    For Parents Kip before grips vs now

    My daughter always complained at the dowel size for her small hands. She felt she could not hold the bar as well. We bought different grips but now that her hands are bigger, no proble.
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    Movie suggestions

    Truman Show Cinderella Man My All American Bridge Over Terrabithia ALL Disney Fairy movies except the Great fairy Rescue
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    For Parents Masks during practice -suggestions please, not debate

    I'd like to know if they are good. The are $$
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    More 6's, less 5's

    Our gym used to do the L5 year to L7 and skip L6. Now we score out of L5, do one year of L6 before L7. The changes to the Vault in L6 two years ago was the reason. I was glad mine only needed to score out of L5 rather than do a year of it.
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    First post.

    Thanks. Is there a forum for Region 7 or by state interest. Looking forward to how this season evolves (along with everyone else)
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    First post.

    Hi! I have been lingering on Chalkbucket for a while. This is my first post. I am a parent for optional gymnasts out of Region 7. Great to be here :-)
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