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    MN section 8AA Section finals

    Yeaa St. Cloud Tech is going to DOMINATE!!!
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    Minnesota high school state indiviual meet

    Minnesota's top high school atheletes compete for the top honor, state champ.
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    Minnesota State High School Gymnastics Meet

    The top teams in Minnesota compete in divisions A and AA for the state title. In A Perham is favored to take the title and in AA Roseville is favored to take first and St. Cloud Tech to take 2nd.
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    College gymnastics on tv

    If you get tivo then you can type in gymnastics in the wish list and put it on automatic record and it will record all the meets and gym shows on tv. I have it and I love it! I cant watch tv with out tivo! lol i konw its pathetic
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    State individual Meet

    Gymnasts around the state for top place in state finals.
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    State gym meet

    State team meet:D
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    MN section 8AA Section finals

    Determines who will represent Sectoin 8 AA at the state meet
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    CLC Championships

    It is held at Sartell High school. It starts at noon. The winner of the is the best of Central Minnesota. My team St. Cloud Tech is favored to win!:)
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    when to wear grips... And when to join team

    You usually get grips one you learn achive a kip. Or that is how we do it in our gym with kids. I never got grips until i got my kip. They help you stay on the bar easier. Especially in giants. I would recogmend starting with dowel grips.. it is hard to get used to the dowel at first but it...
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    newbe here...

    Thanks! I peeled off the highbar and broke my fall with my head. lol it didnt hurt that much.
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    newbe here...

    thanks a lot
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    newbe here...

    Hi! I really dont know what to say. Ummm. I live in minnesota. I am a junior and on my gym team for school, right now we are ranked 2nd in the state for class AA. I do varsity bars and vault. My teammate is the state vault champ for two years now (she competes a layout tsuk) and one of the...