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  1. Quadqueen

    Searching for a Video

    Someone posted a video a while back about a college gymnast, and it started with her really little and struggling a bit and then went through her entire career. At the end, it said something about her parents not missing a meet her entire career. The background song used in the video is "All I...
  2. Quadqueen

    Aly's Still Got It I guess I didn't know Aly Raisman was back in the gym...or never left?! Love her Arabian double pike!
  3. Quadqueen

    Finding Pants That Fit

    I'm sure I'm not alone here! My DD has very muscular thighs and can't seem to get pants over them! When she can, the waist is usually too big. We just went through her pants to see if any will fit in the fall and almost all are too tight. Does anyone have suggestions for stores/brands of...
  4. Quadqueen

    "Like a Girl"

    Just saw this on another site and had to share: It's so powerful and thought provoking!
  5. Quadqueen

    Slow Tumbling - Is There a "Fix"?

    My daughter is training level 8. She is not a super-fast runner and apparently, not a very fast flipper. She can do double backs off bars onto a mat in the pit ok, but when she does double backs on floor into the pit, or on the tumble trak, it looks like she is going in slow motion. Even her...
  6. Quadqueen

    Beauty Contest at Europeans?!!

    This is a joke, right??
  7. Quadqueen

    Live Results for JO Nationals?

    Does anyone know where they're posted? I've looked on the USAG website and, but meetscoresonline still says "awaiting scores."
  8. Quadqueen

    Elizabeth Price Retires from National Team to Attend Stanford What do you think? This is surprising to me, considering she seems to be on the top of her game.
  9. Quadqueen

    Vault - Front Handspring onto the Board

    DD and I were at a big college meet a few weeks ago and, unless my eyes were playing tricks on me, I saw two different girls compete a vault where they did a front handspring on the runway, landing with their feet on the board, front handspring entry and then front/front half out of it. It was...
  10. Quadqueen

    Olympics Commercial

    I don't know if anyone's posted this yet, but it brought me to tears. I LOVE the Olympics!!
  11. Quadqueen

    College Gymnastics - Live Streaming?

    I seem to remember someone posting a website that live streams some NCAA meets a long time ago, but my search turned up nothing. Does anyone know where meets can be live-streamed?
  12. Quadqueen

    Hazards of Pit Foam

    If you haven't heard about this chemicals used in pit foam is found in alarming rates in the bodies of college gymnasts...
  13. Quadqueen

    Favorite Gymnast Biographies?

    What are your/your DD's favorite gymnast biographies? My DD read the Gabby Douglas and Nadia Comaneci biographies. I got her the Shawn Johnson autobiography for Christmas, but I'm looking for another. I was considering Kerri Strug, because she is one of the older gymnasts DD is familiar with...
  14. Quadqueen

    Looking for a Meet Photographer

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good meet photographer in the northeast? Please PM me with names/suggestions of where to find one.
  15. Quadqueen

    Inspiring Video

    There are lots of gymnastics montages on YouTube, but this one is really moving, I think. FYI...there are a couple of expletives so you may want to view first before showing your kids.
  16. Quadqueen

    Carlotta Ferlito - Simone Biles What does everyone think about this?? I saw Ferlito's Gymnastike interview a few days ago and didn't think it was that bad, but this is just crazy.
  17. Quadqueen

    For Parents Ganglion Cyst?

    I'm prefacing this to say, I will seek a doctor's advice :). My DS has been complaining for the past week that his wrist hurts, and it's affecting his tumbling. Just today we noticed a small, hard bump at the bottom of his hand/top of his wrist. From what I have read, it seems likely to be a...
  18. Quadqueen

    How to Find T&T gyms?

    I'm just curious if there are any gyms that offer T&T near me. I went on the USAG T&T page, and the only search I can find is for any USAG club, not necessarily those that offer T&T.
  19. Quadqueen

    Sole Impact Socks for Severs

    Does anyone have any experience with these? Home I'm wondering if they will help DD's Sever's. We have the Tulli's heel cups, and she has experienced mixed results.
  20. Quadqueen

    Leotard Donations/Charity?

    Does anyone know the name of an organization(s) that accepts leotard donations for kids who can't afford leotards? There was a flyer up at our gym a while ago but I can't remember the name.