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  1. flippin out

    Big 10 changing their minds?

    Big 10 may be changing their minds and looking to start fall games on 10/10/20!! Hope this means good things for Gymnastics seasons!!
  2. flippin out

    For Parents twitter post from recent D1 grad

    Ok....I don’t want to be the one always sharing negative posts, but thought this may be relevant to many. This is a post from a recent grad of a D1 school. Please know that not all D1 are like what she describes (and sounds like she had a good experience with her school before coaching changes)...
  3. flippin out

    Beckerman speaks out about UCLA/Val

    Beckerman speaks out about her experiences while at UCLA — and has nothing nice to say about what she endured under Val
  4. flippin out

    a new organization?? NGA

    So, apparently someone is trying to start up a new organization to go against USAG. They are calling it National Gymnastics Assoc. When looking at their website I can find absolutely information on who is starting this up, who their board members are, what their rules are (other...
  5. flippin out

    USAG new hire (1/18/20)
  6. flippin out

    UCLA joins the college scandals i am surprised the amount of people on Twitter that believe that since Claire is walk on that she "didn't take a spot from someone else".........I do not know a single D1 spot (scholarship or walk-on) that is NOT a recruited position that...
  7. flippin out

    coaching changes in NCAA

    I'd share the article, but the last post in which I shared an article on this topic was deleted (with NO warning or explaining)....... So I guess I'll just share the information and you all can go dig the article yourself --- CMU coach was fired this morning for violating NCAA protocol on...
  8. flippin out

    Buckeye gymnast-- Go fund me

    I feel for her family and hope things turn around for them soon! Sad about her dad, praying for a match for him. Jones just verbaled to Florida though....does this gofundme, and the way it's worded jeopardize that? It makes it appear that if you do not...
  9. flippin out

    2017 JO is...where?!?!

    Did they announce at Congress where JOs were going to in 2017? Don't know what the big secret is? Normally they have announced by now. Wonder what the hold up has been?
  10. flippin out

    New color changes for the regions

    So, dd says her coaches informed her that the region will be changing color next year. This is the 2nd change of color that I remember. So, do they all swap color ever so many years? Do they introduce new colors possibly (bc some of them are so close it's hard to the 2 blues on...
  11. flippin out

    need some help....looking for state stats

    Hi CB community, I'm working on a project for my daughter and am in need of help. She is doing an essay for school about her sport and is in need of stats for her level. What I need is stats on # of gymnasts in L10 at state levels. I've found quite a few by digging on provided score sheets...
  12. flippin out

    For Parents New 'My Suzie' video

    New 'My Suzie' video - Suzie's score- why didn't Suzie get a 10.0 I remember seeing the Suzie kipping video a while back, so when I saw this one on youtube......I just had to post it here. Whoever makes these has a wicked sense of humor :)...
  13. flippin out

    GK..not getting leos on time

    After reading another posters thread in which she was saying the GK leos that were ordered will NOT be there in time for the 1st meet, I was just curious how big a problem this has become this season. I know of at least 9 gyms (in all different parts of the US) that have the same problem...
  14. flippin out

    NOTICE - READ before booking hotels

    Well, 'tis meet season and many of us are booking/have booked hotels for the season. So, I thought that I'd post something that I thought you all might find very helpful in preventing those unwanted hotel residents from coming home with you and wreaking havoc on your stays. YEP - TALKING...
  15. flippin out

    Most Creative uses for Home Equipment, lol

    Ok, So seeing this post by pt coach in a another thread gave me quite a laugh. I thought it would be funny to see what else our creative kids have come up with. So obviously pt coach is the first post on creativity :) For me. I bought a trampoline many years ago as a fun thing for my older...
  16. flippin out

    College gymnasts site There are always questions on the board about Who/What/Why/Where/ and How to become a college gymnast. I thought that this site might be helpful to any who are aiming for this path, or are just College Gymnastics fans. For those wanting to know How to become...
  17. flippin out

    WoW!! LOVE Laura Edwards new beam mount!!!

    I just had to share this video of Laura Edwards (GBR). This beam mount is VERY cool!